Enriched Education

"I'm glad I made time to take advantage of all of the opportunities outside of the classroom. All of them added to my law school experience and my ability to enter the employment market."

- Harry Aaron, Student Bar Association President, Class of 2015

The time you spend here should be immersive and multidimensional. Your learning happens in the classroom and in our many hands-on experiences, but also at special events, workshops, lunchtime lectures, alumni meetings, and "how-to" sessions. Dozens of these events occur every week, comprising an active co-curriculum that exposes you to big ideas as well as the practical dimensions of law.

As just a few examples: 

  • You have the chance to see the judiciary in action when state and federal courts hear cases at Arizona Law.
  • At least monthly (and usually much more frequently) alumni return to campus to share their stories, and to talk to students about careers in law.
  • International students make presentations about law and legal culture in their respective countries.
  • The Program in Criminal Law & Policy (PCLP) holds weekly lunchtime sessions with speakers from across the criminal justice spectrum.
  • Our signature lectures bring nationally and internationally known figures in law, policy, journalism, and business.

To get a sense of the depth and breadth of our enrichment opportunities, take a look at the Arizona Law calendar.