Our Strengths

"Law school was an invigorating, challenging and eye-opening experience. I learned not only how our laws developed and how they are applied, I also learned the subtle ways that legal issues impact our lives outside of the courtroom and the boardroom. That is a skill I've relied on my entire career."

- Zachary Miller, Class of 2007

For 100 years Arizona Law has been shaping the law and legal practice by graduating lawyers who are able to serve their clients, maintain the infrastructure of justice, facilitate development, and meaningfully address society's most pressing problems.

We start our next century with the same strong mission. 

And we start ahead of the curve.

In addition to our intellectually rigorous core curriculum, there are particular thematic areas where we excel. In each of these areas, there are programs or initiatives that offer significant faculty expertise, positive employment potential, and additional strength lent from other departments and colleges within the University of Arizona, one of the nation's leading research institutions.

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