Your Opportunity

"It is time for legal education to reflect the evolution of legal practice. The context of law is now global. The marketplace demands that legal services be delivered in different ways. These are the realities of today's profession, and our mission is to respond --  thoughtfully, rapidly, and with the singular focus of preparing legal professionals to succeed in a changed world."


- Marc L. Miller, Dean, James E. Rogers College of Law

The world has gotten bigger and - paradoxically - smaller.

Communications technology and a growing global perspective have profoundly changed the way we live, the way we work, the way we think

The legal landscape has changed as well. Legal professionals still need solid training in the foundations of law, strong communications skills, and an unshakeable ethical core, but those who succeed in this dynamic era also possess leadership capacity, cultural fluency, and enthusiasm about the opportunities that change presents. They embrace it, remaining grounded in the law's best traditions and focused on shaping law and legal practice to meet the needs of a changing world.

Arizona Law is in the vanguard, responding in ways that benefit students, serve the profession, and advance our 100-year reputation for excellence in legal education.

  • Responding to the rising cost of obtaining a JD degree, we were the first law school in the country to significantly reduce tuition, with two successive years of tuition cuts. This makes your investment in law school more profitable before you ever come through our doors.
  • We implemented the Arizona Law Global Initiative, to increase the number of opportunities for Arizona Law students to learn about non-US systems though dual degree programs with international partners, and to make our student body global.
  • Through an innovative partnership with the UA School of Government & Public Policy (SGPP) we established the nation's first Bachelor of Arts degree in Law, distinguished by its commitment to preparing  legal professionals for employment in settings where a JD degree is not required.
  • Our leadership, combined with a highly individualized education in a collegial Atmosphere and the resources of the University of Arizona, give you unparalleled opportunities to find and pursue your passion, and to develop skills and perspectives that will last you a lifetime.