Students in the JD for non-U.S. lawyers program at the University of Arizona College of Law

Advantages of a JD

JD for Non-U.S. Lawyers

A JD offers many advantages over an LLM (the degree most typically earned by non-U.S. lawyers) including:

  • Access to the bar exam in 50 U.S. states, whereas an LLM typically only allows limited access to the bar exams in a select number of states.
  • The same training provided to U.S. JD students, including the full range of first-year and upper-level JD courses.
  • More extensive legal research and writing training than is possible in the typical one-year LLM program, providing you with superior knowledge of legal English writing and research techniques.
  • Higher possibility of bar passage because you take the same “building block” courses as other JD students.
  • Specialized career mentoring and advising through a dedicated career counselor who specializes in JD students admitted through our advanced admissions program.
  • Enhanced employment opportunities. International graduates of our JD program are fully trained U.S. lawyers with the same JD degree as other attorneys in the U.S. A JD from Arizona Law allows international graduates to practice in their home countries by representing U.S. investors or local businesses investing in the U.S.; to practice law within the U.S. in law firms, governmental organizations, and non-profits; or to practice around the world with U.S. companies investing abroad or doing business internationally.