Application to Participate in Other Legal Skills Competitions

Students interested in participating in a competition other than one of the "established" competitions must first seek approval from the Legal Skills Competition Board by submitting an application to the Board no later than 60 days before the first competition deadline. 

Application Requirements:

  • Name of student(s);
  • Class year;
  • Confirmation that student is in good academic standing;
  • Identification of the competition host;
  • Information about the structure and history of the competition, including details about competition dates and deadlines;
  • Information about how team members will be identified and selected;
  • Description of how participation in the competition would benefit the students and the College of Law;
  • Identification of qualified individuals to advise and coach the team;
  • Information about how a coach will be selected;
  • Cost of preparation and attendance;
  • Academic credit sought, if any.

Board Criteria for Approving Requests

  • Past participation and success in the competition by College of Law teams;
  • Quality of the host and organization of the competition;
  • Cost of preparation and attendance;
  • Availability of faculty and attorney advisors in the area of law that is the subject of the competition;
  • Educational opportunities and benefits for students, including any potential overlap with established competition teams;
  • Relationship of competition subject matter to College of Law goals and priorities; and
  • Potential pool of interested and qualified students.