Arizona Legal Studies Publications

This working paper series disseminates works of faculty and, occasionally, of students prior to publication. Abstracts and electronic copies of all working papers are available at the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). For more information, contact Faculty Scholarship Coordinator Leah Sandwell-Weiss.


  • Orbach, Barak, 

    Uniform Prices for Differentiated Goods: The Case of the Movie Theater, Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 06-07 (2006), published at 27 Int'l Rev. L. & Econ. 129 (2007) (co-author, with Liran Einav).

    ALS Series Number: 06-07
    Available at:
  • Massaro, Toni, 

    Religious Freedom and "Accommodationist Neutrality": A Non-Neutral Critique, Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 06-02 (2006), published at 84 Or. L. Rev. 935 (2005).

    ALS Series Number: 06-02
    Available at:
  • Engel, Kirsten, 

    Mitigating Global Climate Change in the United States:  A Regional Approach, Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 06-01 (2006), published at 14 N.Y.U. Envtl. L. J. 54 (2005).

    ALS Series Number: 06-01
    Available at: