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Transactional LawMeet

Our accomplished team in the regional Transactional LawMeet, hosted at Arizona Law in February, 2015.

Business today is more than balance sheets and bottom lines. With the proliferation of international trade agreements and multinational corporations, industry is global, involving dimensions of law, politics, and diplomacy.  As businesses awaken to larger responsibilities, they can be agents of environmental protection, as well as social and cultural change. And with today's ever-accelerating pace of discovers, business and intellectual property law are vital tools for managing innovation and technological advancement.

In short, business law, trade law, tax law, and intellectual property law squarely intersect with the most dynamic areas of human endeavor. Arizona Law offers a well-rounded curriculum enhanced by opportunities you’ll find at no other law program.

Our core Business Law Program prepares you with coursework in finance and economics combined with studies in corporate law, commercial law, tax law, antitrust law, and IP law. With a goal of integrating breadth and depth, the curriculum includes foundational studies on organizations, bankruptcy, IP, securities regulation, and corporate law, as well as focused studies in either litigation or transactional practice. Either focus can be combined with specialty sequences that include topics as distinctive as real estate; environmental law and policy; or indigenous peoples law and public policy.

JD and MLS students acquire global business skills in courses on international trade, commercial, and investment law. JD students may earn a Business Litigation Certificate or a Transactional Business Law Certificate on completion of certificate requirements. The LLM and SJD programs in International Economic Law and Policy offer more advanced training in highly-regarded programs, with alumni around the world.  

A growing network of international partnerships with other law schools and educational institutions affords you additional study and degree opportunities.