Mary Ann Stubbs Reception

Through the generosity of donor Mary Ann Stubbs, students can take advantage of career counseling and national interviewing via state-of-the-art technology in the Robert Carroll Stubbs Career Development Suite.

Careers in Law

Today's lawyers work in an infinite variety of settings, in court chambers and corporate offices, in storefronts and sleek urban offices, as sole practitioners and as associates or shareholders at the nation's powerhouse firms.

Other Arizona Law grads, including students in our BA in Law and MLS programs, fulfill the growing need for law-trained leaders in the areas of trade, compliance, risk management, and human resources, as just a few examples.

Our 7,000+ alumni work all over the country and on six continents, in law, advocacy, business, government, and the nonprofit sector.

Arizona Law helps to prepare JD, LLM and SJD students for their futures with:

  • A newly-launched alumni initiative aimed at increasing employment opportunities for Arizona Law grads,
  • A Career Development Office (CDO) led by veteran career counseling professionals who understand the challenges of the employment market,
  • A broad and integrated approach to career exploration, starting with seminars and informational sessions in your first year, an effort that typically yields a 95% 1L summer employment rate,
  • A CDO office in Phoenix, Arizona, and CDO interviewing programs across the country,
  • A career development professional specializing in international employment strategies.