Criminal Justice

"Take advantage of all the opportunities Arizona Law affords you to build a strong, marketable foundation in criminal law.  Take the excellent and substantive criminal and trial advocacy courses.  Get in the courtroom by doing one of the many clinics and/or internships offered.  Attend the weekly PCLP series so that you can learn from practitioners and network with them.  The alumni, faculty, and staff of the College could not be more supportive of the students -- reach out to them, and they will mentor and support you. That's what Arizona Law is all about." - Alison Bachus, Class of 2005

Lawyers and other professionals who work within the criminal justice system uphold our central beliefs and tenets -- that the accused receives the benefits of fairness and equality, and that the goals of a just society are served. 

Arizona Law's Program in Criminal Law & Policy (PCLP) offers a broad-based education that pairs theory with a real and nuanced understanding about the practice of criminal law. JD students may earn a Certificate in Criminal Law & Policy on completion of requirements. 

Other dimensions of the PCLP Program include: 

  • A weekly speaker series with speakers representing a wide variety of criminal justice roles,
  • Externship placements in the criminal justice field, both federal and state, trial and appellate, and defense and prosecution,
  • The chance to work with faculty and practitioners on cutting-edge criminal justice issues,
  • Real client-representation, under faculty supervision, in projects such as the Arizona Innocence Project.