Data Center

Many data and empirical studies issues arise in connection with the aggregation of data.

Data & Empirical Studies

"There is a quantitative or data component in virtually all of the public policy debates of our time. In the beginning of the 2007 foreclosure crisis, I put together a team to survey the people going through mortgage foreclosure. Half of the foreclosures actually had underlying medical causes in which people who lost work due to illness couldn't afford to pay their bills. It's fascinating to come to a better understanding of why things are as they are, and an absolutely critical foundation for solving our problems."

- Professor Christopher Robertson

The University of Arizona is a leader in the emerging field of law and data -- or 'quantlaw' -- which applies quantitative and statistical findings to legal problems and studies how law regulates Big Data. The cross-disciplinary QuantLaw Program features faculty who conduct cutting-edge empirical legal research and the opportunity to learn from rising leaders. Beyond courses and research, students have the chance to work with faculty on special projects, and meet top scholars from across the country. The QuantLaw Program addresses the growing need for law school graduates who can understand and apply quantitative priniples to their work, and who understand the legal and policy environment in the data age.