Directory Index


Arlin Acosta

Sr. Coordinator, Board and Donor Relations

Prova Ahmed

Fellow, Regulatory Science Program

Arthur W. Andrews portrait

Arthur W. Andrews

Dorothy H. and Lewis Rosenstiel Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law & Senior Lecturer

Michael Areinoff

Part-time Professor of Practice

Charles E. Ares portrait

Charles E. Ares

J. Byron McCormick Professor Emeritus and Special Advisor to the College

Barbara Atwood

Barbara Atwood

Mary Anne Richey Professor Emerita of Law; Co-Director, Family and Juvenile Law Certificate Program


Elizabeth Baldwin portrait

Elizabeth Baldwin

Assistant Professor, School of Government & Public Policy

Scott Bales

Chief Justice Scott Bales

Part-time Professor of Practice

Kathy Barnes

Katherine Barnes

Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Programs & Innovation; Director of the Rogers Program on Law and Society; Professor of Economics (courtesy)

Leila Barraza portrait

Leila Barraza

Assistant Professor, Community, Environment & Policy Department, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

John Bates

Visiting Professor, Spring 2018

Carl Bauer

Associate Professor, School of Geography & Development

Paul D. Bennett

Paul D. Bennett

Clinical Professor of Law; Director of the Child and Family Law Clinic; Director of Clinics

Mark L.M. Blair

Mark L.M. Blair

Assistant Director, Master of Legal Studies Program; Undergraduate Law Program

Bleau, Dana Photo

Dana Bleau

Executive Director, International Faculty & Scholars

Andrea Bojorquez

Andrea Bojorquez

Program Coordinator, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program

Justin Boro

Assistant Director, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program

Steven Bossé  portrait

Steven Bossé

Part-time Professor of Practice

William E. Boyd portrait

William E. Boyd

Chester Smith Professor Emeritus of Law

Stacey Brady

Part-time Professor of Practice

Michael Brescia portrait

Michael Brescia

Curator of Ethnohistory, Arizona State Museum

Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks

Registrar & Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Ronald Brown

Part-time Professor of Practice

Vanessa Buch portrait

Vanessa Buch

Associate Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Wrongful Conviction Clinic

Stacy Butler portrait

Stacy Butler

Director, Innovation for Justice; Professor of Practice

Amanda Bynum portrait

Amanda Bynum

Director of Externships and Bar Success & Part-Time Professor of Practice


Lissette Calderon portrait

Lissette Calderon

Director of International Student Success

Tristan Caputo

Information Technology Support Analyst

Adam E. Cirzan portrait

Adam E. Cirzan

Director, Career Development Office

Cary Lee Cluck portrait

Cary Lee Cluck

Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid

Laura Clymer

Part-time Professor of Practice

Andrew Coan

Professor of Law; Associate Director, William H. Rehnquist Center on the Constitutional Structures of Government

Cynthia Condit portrait

Cynthia Condit

Reference Librarian & Professor of Practice

Keyshia Conner portrait

Keyshia Conner

Associate Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Stephen Cornell

Director, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy; Professor of Sociology and of Public Administration and Policy


Rose Daly-Rooney

Part-time Professor of Practice

Alexandra Lee Delgado

Reference Librarian & Professor of Practice

Jose Delgado

Part-time Professor of Practice

Shelly Denman portrait

Shelly Denman

Marketing & Graphics Specialist

James Diamond portrait

James Diamond

Director, IPLP Tribal Justice Clinic; Professor of Practice

Dan Dobbs portrait

Dan Dobbs

Regents' & Rosentiel Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law

Cathleen Dooley

Part-time Professor of Practice

Rhonda Dwyer portrait

Rhonda Dwyer

Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

Tessa Dysart portrait

Tessa Dysart

Assistant Director of Legal Writing & Associate Clinical Professor of Law


Kirsten H. Engel portrait

Kirsten H. Engel

Charles E. Ares Professor of Law

Shaun Esposito Portrait

Shaun Esposito

Head of Public Services & Professor of Practice


Jaime Fatas

Director of Translation and Interpretation, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Robert B. Fleming portrait

Robert B. Fleming

Part-time Professor of Practice

Torivio Fodder

Indigenous Governance Program Manager; Part-time Professor of Practice


Janis Gallego

Part-time Professor of Practice

The Hon. Scott Gan portrait

The Hon. Scott H. Gan

Part-time Professor of Practice

David A. Gantz portrait

David A. Gantz

Samuel M. Fegtly Professor of Law; Director Emeritus, International Economic Law and Policy Program

Joe Garagiola, Jr.

Part-time Professor of Practice

Ibrahim Garba

Fellow, Regulatory Science Program

Chris  Gast portrait

Chris Gast

Director of Special Projects

Robert Glennon portrait

Robert Glennon

Regents' Professor, Morris K. Udall Professor of Law & Public Policy

Barry Goldman portrait

Barry Goldman

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations; McClelland Fellow

Sarah Gotschall portrait

Sarah Gotschall

Reference Librarian & Professor of Practice

Felipe Guevara

Fellow, Bacon Immigration Law & Policy Program


Elizabeth Hall-Lipsy portrait

Elizabeth Hall-Lipsy

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice-Science; Director, PharmD Forward

Sandra Hallenbeck

Office Specialist Senior, Part-time, Arizona Public Patent Program and the Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Ross Hamlin

Part-time Professor of Practice

Chuck Harrington

Part-time Professor of Practice

Nickole Hayward portrait

Nickole Hayward

Program Coordinator for Admissions

Lawrence Hecker

Part-time Professor of Practice

Kenney F. Hegland portrait

Kenney F. Hegland

James E. Rogers Professor Emeritus of Law

Roger C. Henderson portrait

Roger C. Henderson

Ralph W. Bilby Professor Emeritus of Law

Joy Herr-Cardillo portrait

Joy Herr-Cardillo

Associate Professor of Legal Writing & Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Robert A. Hershey portrait

Robert A. Hershey

Professor Emeritus, Indigenous Law & Policy Program

James C. Hopkins portrait

James C. Hopkins

Associate Clinical Professor, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program; Affiliated Professor of American Indian Studies & Latin American Studies

Seanna Howard portrait

Seanna Howard

Director, International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop; Professor of Practice

Lisa Howell

Part-time Professor of Practice

Kristine A. Huskey portrait

Kristine A. Huskey

Associate Clinical Professor; Director, Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic

Mona L. Hymel portrait

Mona L. Hymel

Arthur W. Andrews Professor of Law


Joseph Kalt

Ford Foundation Professor (Emeritus), International Political Economy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Faculty Associate, Native Nations Institute

Joseph Kanefield

Part-time Professor of Practice

Don Kangas

Information Technology Support Analyst, Senior

Negar Katirai portrait

Negar Katirai

Director, Domestic Violence Law Clinic

Kay Kavanagh portrait

Kay Kavanagh

Professor Emerita of Law

Akilah Kinnison Photo

Akilah Kinnison

Assistant Professor of Law & IPLP Program Graduate Advisor

Gloria Klinicki portrait

Gloria Klinicki

Administrative Associate, Clinics

Garnette Knoll portrait

Garnette Knoll

Systems Administrator, Principal

Lourdes Kosonoy portrait

Lourdes Kosonoy

Accountant Associate, Financial Services

Sarah Kostick

Part-time Professor of Practice

Karen M. Kowalski portrait

Karen M. Kowalski

Assistant Dean for Career Development and Part Time Professor of Practice

Boris Kozolchyk portrait

Boris Kozolchyk

Evo DeConcini Professor Emeritus of Law


John Lacy

Director, Global Mining Law Center and Professor of Practice

Mark Lammers

Part-time Professor of Practice

Donald Large portrait

Donald Large

Visiting Professor

Sylvia Lett portrait

Sylvia Lett

Associate Professor of Legal Writing & Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Lori Lewis

Clinic Fellow, Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic

Barbara Lopez portrait

Barbara Lopez

Administrative Associate, Faculty Support

Laura López-Hoffman portrait

Laura López-Hoffman

Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources & the Environment; Assistant Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy


Bruce Macdonald

Part-time Professor of Practice

Lynn Marcus portrait

Lynn Marcus

Director, Immigration Law Clinic & Professor of Practice

Debbie Martin

Administrative Assistant, Legal Writing

Toni M. Massaro portrait

Toni M. Massaro

Regents' Professor, Milton O. Riepe Chair in Constitutional Law, and Dean Emerita

Thomas A. Mauet portrait

Thomas A. Mauet

Milton O. Riepe Professor of Law

Mac McCallum

Part-time Professor of Practice

Kristen McKeon

Law Fellow, Wrongful Conviction Clinic

Sharon B. Megdal portrait

Sharon B. Megdal

Director, Water Resources Research Center; C.W. and Modene Neely Endowed Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Marc L. Miller portrait

Marc L. Miller

Dean & Ralph W. Bilby Professor of Law

Alisha Morrison

Program Specialist, Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy

Tracy Mueller portrait

Tracy Mueller

Assistant Dean, External Communications and Marketing

Robert Mundheim portrait

Robert Mundheim

Professor, Corporate Law and Finance


Catherine O'Grady portrait

Catherine O'Grady

Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Matt Olmut

Matt Olmut

Online Course Development Specialist/D2L Support

Kim Ortiz

Part-time Professor of Practice

Jonathan Overpeck portrait

Jonathan Overpeck

Co-Director, Institute of the Environment; Regents Professor; Professor, Department of Geosciences; Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Amber Owens Photo

Amber Owens

Assistant Director of Instructional Design


Molly Pettry portrait

Molly Pettry

Part-time Professor of Practice

Carol Plagman portrait

Carol Plagman

Lecturer in Accounting, Eller College of Management

Sergio Puig portrait

Sergio Puig

Associate Professor of Law; Director, International Trade and Business Law Program


Suzanne M. Rabe portrait

Suzanne M. Rabe

Clinical Professor Emerita of Law

Sally Rider portrait

Sally Rider

Associate Dean for Administration & Chief of Staff; Director, The William H. Rehnquist Center on the Constitutional Structures of Government

Chris Roberston Portrait

Christopher Robertson

Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Research & Innovation

Carol M. Rose portrait

Carol M. Rose

Lohse Chair in Water and Natural Resources & Professor Emerita of Law

Laura Roubicek

Part-time Professor of Practice

Ricardo Ruiz portrait

Ricardo Ruiz

Information Technology Support Analyst, Senior


Jay Sagar portrait

Jay V. Sagar

Part-time Professor of Practice

Susan Salmon portrait

Susan Salmon

Director of Legal Writing and Clinical Professor of Law

Leah Sanweil Weiss portrait

Leah Sandwell-Weiss

Reference Librarian & Professor of Practice

Edella Schlager portrait

Edella Schlager

Professor, School of Government and Public Policy

Ted Schneyer portrait

Ted Schneyer

Milton O. Riepe Professor Emeritus

Andy Silverman portrait

Andy Silverman

Joseph M. Livermore Professor Emeritus of Law and Director of Clinical Program

Diana Simon portrait

Diana Simon

Associate Professor of Legal Writing & Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Tara Sklar Photo

Tara Sklar

Professor of Health Law and Director of Graduate Health Sciences Programs

Bert Skye

Administrative Assistant, Faculty Support

Shirley Spira

Shirley J. Spira

Part-time Professor of Practice

Nancy Stanley portrait

Nancy Stanley

Assistant Dean for Strategic Relations

Mary Steed portrait

Mary Steed

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Andrew Sterling

Andrew Sterling

Part-time Professor of Practice

Ginger Stinson

Ginger Stinson

Director of Online Learning and Instructional Design

John W. Strong portrait

John W. Strong

Rosenstiel Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law

Bethany Sullivan portrait

Bethany Sullivan

Lohse Clinical Director, Natural Resource Use & Management Clinic; Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

John A. Swain portrait

John A. Swain

Chester H. Smith Professor of Law

Keith Swisher portrait

Keith Swisher

Professor of Legal Ethics; Director, BA in Law and Master of Legal Studies Programs


Taleb_Ernestina Photo

Ernestina Taleb

Program Coordinator for Global Programs

Carol Lee Taylor

Administrative Assistant, Alumni & Development

Shannon Trebbe portrait

Shannon Trebbe

Senior Director, Career Development Office

Donald J. Tringali portrait

Donald J. Tringali

Part-time Professor of Practice

Leudell Tripp portrait

Leudell Tripp

Assistant Director for Finance and Administration

Ronald Trosper portrait

Ronald Trosper

Professor, American Indian Studies

Rebecca Tsosie portrait

Rebecca Tsosie

Regents' Professor of Law; Faculty Co-Chair, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program


Jessica Ugstad

Library Specialist, Cataloging


Jaime Valenzuela portrait

Jaime Valenzuela

Library Specialist, Processing


Michael Wagenheim portrait

Michael Wagenheim

Director of Information Technology

Shannon Walker portrait

Shannon Walker

Coordinator, Career Development Office

tammi walker photo

Tammi Walker

Associate Professor of Law and Psychology

Charles Wang portrait

Charles Wang

Professor of Practice & Director of China Law Program

Elliott J. Weiss portrait

Elliott J. Weiss

Charles E. Ares Professor Emeritus of Law

David B. Wexler portrait

David B. Wexler

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Law

Brent T. White portrait

Brent T. White

Dean of Global Campuses; Interim Vice Provost for Global Affairs; Professor of Law and Affiliated Professor of East Asian Studies

Bernadette Wilkinson portrait

Bernadette Wilkinson

Senior Program Coordinator, College Programming & Outreach

Carolyn Williams portrait

Carolyn Williams

Associate Professor of Legal Writing & Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Robert A. Williams, Jr. portrait

Robert A. Williams, Jr.

Regents' Professor, E. Thomas Sullivan Professor of Law; Faculty Co-Chair, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program

Bryan Wilson portrait

Bryan Wilson

Program Coordinator, Planning and Outreach

Leah Won portrait

Leah Won

Assistant Dean for Employer Outreach

Robert Woods portrait

Robert Woods

Director, University of Arizona Law Program, Ocean University, Qingdao, China

Winton D. Woods portrait

Winton D. Woods

Professor Emeritus of Law

Angela Woolridge

Part-time Professor of Practice


Alfred Yen portrait

Alfred Yen

Visiting Professor, Spring 2018


Jingyuan "Joey" Zhou

Part-time Professor of Practice