The Arizona Desert

Environmental & Natural Resources

"At Arizona Law I learned the fundamentals of environmental law. I was introduced to global, national, and local environmental challenges and was encouraged to discuss and develop possible solutions. Studying environmental law in the beautiful Sonoran Desert made the experience that much more inspiring and rewarding."

- Alison McGregor, Class of 2001

Ancient cultures studied the mysteries of earth, wind, fire, and water as a matter of survival. And although our knowledge of nature and science has become vastly more complex, we are as dependent on the earth’s physical resources as our predecessors. Lying at the horizon are critical questions: How can we protect what we have? How will we balance competing interests? Who will decide?

The need for skilled lawyers in environment and natural resources law has never been greater. From environmental advocacy to corporate compliance to public policymaking, Arizona Law students can find and pursue their passions among a vast array of opportunities.

Set in the stunning beauty of the American Southwest – itself a laboratory for environmental issues and debates -- our strength in environmental and natural resources law offers students the chance to study with internationally known law faculty, connect with a network of alumni working in environment and natural resources positions, and participate in student-driven activities to go beyond the confines of a classroom.