The Commercialization of Outer Space with Frans von der Dunk

Room: MAIN 100
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
The commercialization of space activities is reaching new heights due to manufacturing, satellite communications, launching, remote sensing, satellite navigation applications, new space, impending space tourism and space mining activities. This discussion will examine current international space law, which focuses on states and their rights and obligations, therefore leaving national law to ensure proper inclusion of the private sector into that global legal system. Is a global playing field emerging? Will a fragmented set of national or state specific laws ultimately occur? Frans von der Dunk has written more than 180 articles and published papers and given more than 150 presentations at international meetings on subjects of international and national space law and policy, international air law and public international law. He is the series editor of “Studies in Space Law.” In 2015 he published the first comprehensive Handbook of Space Law, and in 2018 a major research collection under the title “International Space Law.” He has served as legal advisor or legal task manager in more than 90 projects, advising various government agencies and international organizations as well as several non-governmental organizations and industrial stakeholders on matters of space law and policy, including major space applications such as satellite navigation, remote sensing and private commercial spaceflight. REGISTER HERE FOR THIS EVENT:


February 11, 2019 5:30pm

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