Faculty Scholarship

The faculty members of Arizona Law are among the most influential legal scholars in the world. Our faculty routinely produce powerful and provocative scholarship, from shaping legal debate on water policy and ethics, to conducting research that identifies and solves important real-world challenges like jury bias and internet censorship.


Articles in Books

  • Glennon, Robert, 

    Moral Stewardship of Our Most Precious Resource:  Water, in The Global Water Crisis ___ (Gerard Magill & James Benedicts eds., forthcoming 2019).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3131858




  • Bambauer, Derek, 

    Cybersecurity:  An Interdisciplinary Problem (forthcoming 2018) (co-author, with Justin Hurwitz & David Thaw).

  • Coan, Andrew, 

    Rationing the Constitution (forthcoming 2018).

  • Dobbs, Dan, 

    The Law of Remedies:  Damages, Equity, Restitution (Hornbook Series 2018) (co-author, with Caprice L. Roberts).

  • Robertson, Christopher, 

    Paying for Ourselves:  The Ethics, Economics, and Law of Cost-Sharing in Health Insurance (forthcoming 2018).

Articles in Books

  • Huskey, Kristine, 

    Occupation, Terrorism and Non-refoulement, in War, Occupation, and Refugees ___ (forthcoming 2018).

  • Orbach, Barak, 

    The Chicago Tradition and Judge Ginsburg, in 1 Douglas H. Ginsburg Liber Amicorum:  An Antitrust Professor on the Bench 43 (Nicolas Charbit et al. eds., 2018) (co-author, with Eric M. Fraser & D. Daniel Sokol).

  • Puig, Sergio, 

    Network Analysis and the Sociology of International Law, in Research Handbook on the Sociology of International Law ___ (A. Lang & M. Hirsch eds., forthcoming 2018).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3130256
  • Robertson, Christopher, 

    Who's Left out of Big Data? How Big Data Collection, Analysis, and Use Neglect Populations Most in Need of Medical and Public Health Research and Interventions, in Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics 98 (I. Glenn Cohen et al. eds., 2018) (co-author, with Sarah E. Malanga, Jonathan D. Loe, & Kenneth S. Ramos).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2828954
  • Rose, Carol, 

    Raisin, Race, and the Real Estate Revolution of the Early 20th Century, in Power, Prose and Purse ___ (Martha Nussbaum ed., forthcoming 2018).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3055372
  • Wexler, David, 

    Mental Health Law and the Seeds of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, in The Roots of Modern Psychology and Law:  A Narrative History ___ (Thomas Grisso & Stanley Brodsky eds., forthcoming 2018).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3129093


Other Writings



  • Bublick, Ellen, 

    Torts and Compensation:  Personal Accountability and Social Responsibility for Injury (8th ed. & concise 8th ed. 2017) (co-author with Dan B. Dobbs & Paul T. Hayden).

  • Chaudhry, Faisal, 

    Globalizing Classical Legal Thought:  India in the Age of Colonialism, 1757-1914 (forthcoming 2017).

  • Dobbs, Dan, 

    Torts and Compensation:  Personal Accountability and Social Responsibility for Injury (8th ed. & concise 8th ed. 2017) (co-author, with Paul T. Hayden & Ellen M. Bublick).