Faculty Scholarship

The faculty members of Arizona Law are among the most influential legal scholars in the world. Our faculty routinely produce powerful and provocative scholarship, from shaping legal debate on water policy and ethics, to conducting research that identifies and solves important real-world challenges like jury bias and internet censorship.



Other Writings



  • Bambauer, Derek, 

    Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem (2021) (co-author, with Justin Hurwitz & David Thaw).

  • Bennett, Paul, 

    A Short & Happy Guide to Being a Lawyer (2nd ed., 2021) (co-author, with Kenney Hegland). 

  • Diamond, James, 

    Introduction to Criminal Law: A Contemporary Approach, (2021) (co-editor with Russell L. Weaver, John M. Burkoff, and Catherine Hancock)

  • Dysart, Tessa, 

    Law Teaching Strategies for a New Era—Beyond the Physical Classroom (2021) (co-editor with Tracy L. M. Norton)

  • Gantz, David, 

    The Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership: Analysis and Commentary, (co-editor, with Jorge Huerta Goldman) (2021)

  • Gotschall, Sarah, 

    State Documents Bibliography: Arizona: A Survey of Arizona State Legal and Law-Related Documents, (editor) (2021) 

  • Laskowski, Cas, 

    Introduction to Law Librarianship, (co-editor with Zanada Joyner) (Open-access textbook; 2021)

  • O'Grady, Catherine, 

    Beyond the Rules – Behavioral Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (2021) (co-authored with Tigran Eldred).

  • Williams, Carolyn, 

    ALWD Guide to Legal Citation (2021)

Articles in Books

  • Dysart, Tessa, 

    An Integrated Approach to Constitutional Law, in Lawyering Skills in the Doctrinal Classroom: Using Legal Writing Pedagogy to Enhance Teaching Across the Law School Curriculum (Tammy Pettinato Oltz ed., 2021)

  • Herr-Cardillo, Joy, 

    Team-Based Learning in an Online Teaching Environment, in Law Teaching Strategies for a New Era: Beyond the Physical Classroom (Tessa L. Dysart & Tracy Norton, eds. 2021) (co-author, with Melissa H. Weresh)

  • Laskowski, Cas, 

    But We Tried that Before: Using Creative Problem Solving to Create Braver More Innovative Law Libraries, in Millennial Leadership in Law Schools: Essays on Disruption, Innovation, and the Future (2021), with George Taoultsides 

  • Miguel-Stearns, Teresa, 

    Foreword, in Introduction to Law Librarianship (Cas Laskowski and Zanada Joyner eds, 2021) 

  • Obiora, Leslye, 

    The Past Before Us: Reimagining Patriarchy and Gender in Africa, in Patriarchy and Gender in Africa (Veronica Fynn Bruey, ed., 2021)

  • Orbach, Barak, 

    Tracking Giants: Professor Hovenkamp and Impact Metrics, in Herbert Hovenkamp: The Dean of American Antitrust Law 25 (Nicolas Charbit ed., 2021) (co-author, with Jane O’Connell & D. Daniel Sokol).

  • Rodriguez, Marcelo, 

    Navigating Your Career Goals: Government, Private and Academic Law Librarianship, in Introduction to Law Librarianship (Cas Laskowski and Zanada Joyner eds., 2021)

  • Salmon, Susan, 

    Training Effective Virtual Oral Advocates, in Law Teaching Strategies for a New Era: Beyond the Physical Classroom (Tessa L. Dysart & Tracy Norton, eds. 2021) 

  • Salmon, Susan, 

    Rerouting Stigma: Leading with Law in Mental Health Rhetoric Research, in Mental Health Rhetoric Research: Strategic Interventions (2021) (co-author, with Mark A. Hannah) 

  • Sklar, Tara , 

    Workforce Development, in Healthy Aging Through the Social Determinants of Health (Aaron Guest & Elaine Jurkowski eds., 2021 ) (co-author, with Michelle Newman, Robyn Golden, Erin-Emery-Tiburcio & Elaine T. Jurkowski).

  • Valenzuela, Jaime, 

    Special Collections and Archives, in Introduction to Law Librarianship (Cas Laskowski and Zanada Joyner eds., 2021)

  • Valenzuela, Jaime, 

     A Voice of Hope: Serving Through Digitization and Initiative, in Hope and a Future: Perspectives on the Impact that Librarians and Libraries Have on Our World (Advances in Librarianship, Vol. 48) (R.F. Hill ed., 2021)