Faculty Scholarship

The faculty members of Arizona Law are among the most influential legal scholars in the world. Our faculty routinely produce powerful and provocative scholarship, from shaping legal debate on water policy and ethics, to conducting research that identifies and solves important real-world challenges like jury bias and internet censorship.



  • Hegland, Kenney, 

    Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law in a Nutshell (7th ed. 2017).

  • Massaro, Toni, 

    Civil Procedure:  Cases and Problems (6th ed. 2017) (co-author, with Barbara Allen Babcock & Norman W. Spaulding).

  • Mauet, Thomas, 

    Trial Techniques and Trials (10th ed. 2017).

  • Pidot, Justin, 

    Practicing Environmental Law (2017) (co-author, with Todd Aagaard & Dave Owen).

  • Swain, John, 

    State Taxation (3d ed. 2017 rev.) (co-author, with Walter Hellerstein).

  • Williams, Jr., Robert, 

    Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law (7th ed. 2017) (co-author, with David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson, Matthew L.M. Fletcher, & Kristen A. Carpenter).

Articles in Books

  • Gantz, David, 

    Investor-State Dispute Settlement in US Law, Politics and Practice:  The Debate Continues, in Second Thoughts:  Investor-State Arbitration between Developed Democracies 217 (Armand de Mestral ed., 2017).

    Available at:
  • Puig, Sergio, 

    The Law and Politics of WTO Dispute Settlement, in Research Handbook on the Politics of International Law 269 (Wayne Sandholtz & Christopher A. Whytock eds., 2017) (co-author, with Gregory Shaffer & Manfred Elsig).

  • Tsosie, Rebecca, 

    Indigenous Peoples, Anthropology and the Legacy of Epistemic Injustice, in The Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Injustice 356 (Ian James Kidd, Jose Medina, & Gaile Polhaus, Jr. eds. 2017).

  • Wexler, David, 

    Creating a Reentry Court by Wagging the 'Probation Tail', in Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the Mainstream ___ (forthcoming 2017).

    Available at: http:\\ssrn.com\abstract=2938119
  • Wexler, David, 

    A Pro Forma Expungement Proceeding:  A Lost Therapeutic Opportunity?, in Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the Mainstream ___ (forthcoming 2017).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3039054
  • Woods, Andrew, 

    Mutual Legal Assistance in the Digital Age, in The Cambridge Handbook of Surveillance Law 659 (David Gray & Stephen Henderson eds., 2017).

    Available at: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2939252