Faculty Scholarship

The faculty members of Arizona Law are among the most influential legal scholars in the world. Our faculty routinely produce powerful and provocative scholarship, from shaping legal debate on water policy and ethics, to conducting research that identifies and solves important real-world challenges like jury bias and internet censorship.


Articles in Books

  • Glennon, Robert, 

    Moral Stewardship of Our Most Precious Resource:  Water, in Cascading Challenges in the Global Water Crisis 14 (Gerard Magill & James Benedicts eds., 2019).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3131858
  • Massaro, Toni, 

    Artificial Intelligence and the First Amendment, in Research Handbook on Law and Artificial Intelligence ___ (Woodrow Barfield, ed., forthcoming 2019) (co-author, with Helen Norton).

  • Miguel-Stearns, Teresa, 

    Collecting the Law of Latin America:  History, Challenges, and Trends, in Latin American Collection Concepts:  Essays on Libraries, Collaborations and New Approaches 160 (Gayle Ann Williams & Jana Lee Krentz eds., 2019) (co-author, with Julienne E. Grant).

  • Robertson, Christopher, 

    Introduction, Exposed:  Why Our Health Insurance is Incomplete and What Can be Done About It (2019).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3504869.
  • Rose, Carol, 

    Raisin, Race, and the Real Estate Revolution of the Early 20th Century, in Power, Prose and Purse:  Law, Literature, and Economic Transformations 287 (Alison LaCroix, Saul Levmore, & Martha C. Nussbaum eds., 2019).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3055372
  • Wexler, David, 

    Epílogo:  Próximos Pasos en el Desarrollo de la Justicia Terapéutica (Afterword:  Next Steps in the Development of Therapeutic Jurisprudence) in Hacia un Proceso Penal Mas Reparador y Resocializador:  Avances Desde la Justicia Terapeutica 405 (E. Pillado & T. Farto eds., 2019) (co-author, with Karla Gonzalez).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3424859 Available at:
  • Wexler, David, 

    The DNA of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, in The Methodology and Practice of Therapeutic Jurisprudence 2 (Nigel Stobbs, Lorana Bartels, & Michel Vols eds., 2019).