Faculty Scholarship

The faculty members of Arizona Law are among the most influential legal scholars in the world. Our faculty routinely produce powerful and provocative scholarship, from shaping legal debate on water policy and ethics, to conducting research that identifies and solves important real-world challenges like jury bias and internet censorship.



Other Writings




  • Dobbs, Dan, 

    The Law of Remedies:  Damages, Equity, Restitution (Hornbook Series 2018) (co-author, with Caprice L. Roberts).

  • Hymel, Mona, 

    Innovation Addressing Climate Change Challenges:  Market-Based Perspectives (2018) (co-editor, with Larry Kreiser, Janet E. Milne, & Hope Ashiabor).

  • Miller, Marc, 

    Sentencing Law and Policy:  Cases, Statutes, and Guidelines (4th ed. 2018) (co-author, with Nora Demleitner, Douglas Berman, & Ronald F. Wright).

  • Tatum, Melissa, 

    Indigenous Justice:  New Tools, Spaces, and Approaches (2018) (co-editor, with Jennifer Hendry, Miriam Jorgensen, & Deirdre Howard-Wagner & co-author, with Jennifer Hendry, of Building New Traditions:  Drawing Insights from Interactive Legal Culture 161).

Articles in Books

  • Bambauer, Jane, 

    Privacy Versus Research in Big Data, in The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy 433 (Evan Selinger et al., eds. 2018).

  • Bambauer, Jane, 

    The Age of Sensorship, in Robotica:  Speech Rights & Artificial Intelligence 75 (Ronald K.L. Collins & David M. Skover 2018) (commentator).