Faculty Scholarship

The faculty members of Arizona Law are among the most influential legal scholars in the world. Our faculty routinely produce powerful and provocative scholarship, from shaping legal debate on water policy and ethics, to conducting research that identifies and solves important real-world challenges like jury bias and internet censorship.


Other Writings




  • Glennon, Robert, 

    Shopping for Water:  How the Market Can Mitigate Water Shortages in the American West (2014) (co-author, with Peter Culp & Gary Libecap).

    Available at:
  • Hegland, Kenney, 

    Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law in a Nutshell (6th ed. 2014).

  • Hymel, Mona, 

    Accounting and Finance for Lawyers (2d ed. 2014).

  • Kozolchyk, Boris, 

    Comparative Commercial Contracts:  Law, Culture and Economic Development (2014).

  • Mauet, Thomas, 

    Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals (5th ed. 2014) (co-author, with Marlene A. Maerowitz).

  • Mauet, Thomas, 

    Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals (8th ed. 2014) (co-author, with Marlene A. Maerowitz).

  • Ponoroff, Lawrence, 

    Cases and Materials on Contracts:  Making and Doing Deals (4th ed. 2014) (co-author, with David G. Epstein & Bruce A. Markell).

  • Rose, Carol, 

    Perspectives on Property Law (4th ed. 2014) (co-author, with Robert C. Ellickson & Henry E. Smith).

  • Sjostrom, William, 

    Mergers and Acquisitions Law (2014).

  • Swain, John, 

    State and Local Taxation:  Cases and Materials (10th ed. 2014) (co-author, with Walter Hellerstein, Kirk J. Stark, & Joan M. Youngman).

  • Tatum, Melissa, 

    Law, Culture, & Environment (2014) (co-author, with Jill Kappus Shaw).

  • Tatum, Melissa, 

    Structuring Sovereignty:  Constitutions of Native Nations (2014) (co-author, with Miriam Jorgensen, Mary Guss, & Sarah Deer).

  • Wexler, David, 

    Justicia Terapéutica:  Experiencias y Aplicaciones (2014) (co-editor, with Francisca Fariña Rivera, Luz Anyela Morales Quintero & Sara Patricia Colín Soto & author of Nuevo vino en nuevas botellas:  la necesidad de diseñar un “código” de procesos y prácticas penales desde la perspectiva de la Justicia Terapéutica 1).

Articles in Books

  • Chaudhry, Faisal, 

    The TAFTA/TTIP and Treatment Access:  What does the Agreement Mean for Intellectual Property Rights Over Essential Medicines?, in The Transatlantic Colossus:  Global Contributions To Broaden The Debate On The EU-US Free Trade Agreement 71 (David Cardoso, et al., eds., 2014).

  • Chaudhry, Faisal, 

    The Political Economy of Energy in Pakistan:  Perspectives from Balochistan's Natural Gas Fields and the Port City of Gwadar, in 3 Globalization, Development And Security in Asia:  The Political Economy Of Energy In Asia 133 (Zhiqun Zhu ed. 2014).

  • Diamond, James, 

    Law Enforcement:  The Relationship Between The U.S. Federal Government and American Indian Tribes – Update on Criminal Jurisdiction and the Violence Against Women Act, in Emerging Issues in Tribal-State Relations:  Leading Lawyers on Examining the Current Status of Tribal-State Affairs, Evaluating the Issue of Tribal Sovereignty, and Developing Effective Legal Strategies 115 (2014).

  • Huskey, Kristine, 

    The “Material Support” Bar to Refugee Protection:  An Expansive Approach Through A Narrow Lens, in Still Waiting for Tomorrow:  The Law and Politics of Unresolved Refugee Crises 219 (Susan Akram & Tom Syring eds., 2014).

  • Miller, Marc, 

    Broken Mirror:  The Unconstitutional Foundations of New State Immigration Enforcement, in Strange Neighbors:  The Role of States in Immigration Policy 167 (Carissa Byrne Hessick & Gabriel J. Chin eds., 2014) (co-author, with Gabriel J. Chin).

  • Rose, Carol, 

    Introduction:  A Real Property Lawyer Cautiously Inspects the Edges of Intellectual Property, in Intellectual Property at the Edge:  The Contested Contours of IP 1 (Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss & Jane C. Ginsburg eds., 2014).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2344460 Available at:
  • Sklar, Tara , 

    Retirement and Aging:  A Reordering of Priorities, in Living Life, Loving Life Young and Old 136 (Helen Sykes & Grant Blashki eds. 2014).

  • Wexler, David, 

    Proposing a Hearty Toast to Professor Christian Diesen:  Pouring an Abundance of TJ Wine into a TJ-Friendly Swedish Bottle, in Festskrift till Christian Diesen 127 (Simon Andersson & Katrin Lainpelto eds., 2014).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2540117


  • Antognini , Albertina , 

    Family Unity Revisited:  Divorce, Separation, and Death in Immigration Law, 66 S.C. L. Rev. 1 (2014), reprinted in 18 Minn. Fam. L.J. 61 (2015).

    Available at: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2537342
  • Bambauer, Derek, 

    Exposed, 98 Minn. L. Rev. 2025 (2014).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2315583
  • Bambauer, Derek, 

    Ghost in the Network, 162 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1011 (2014).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2232471
  • Bambauer, Jane, 

    Fool’s Gold:  An Illustrated Critique of Differential Privacy, 16 Vand. J. Ent. & Tech. L. 701 (2014) (co-author, with Krishnamurty Muralidhar & Rathindra Sarathy).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2326746
  • Bambauer, Jane, 

    Is Data Speech?, 66 Stan. L. Rev. 57 (2014).

    Available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2231821
  • Bublick, Ellen, 

    Who is Responsible for Child Sexual Abuse? A View from the Penn State Scandal, 17 J. Gender, Race & Just. 297 (2014).

  • Chaudhry, Faisal, 

    Revisiting Hallaq's Sharīʿa:  Between Legal Orientalism and a Rule of Islamic Law, 15 J. Islamic L. & Culture 44 (2014).

  • Chiorazzi, Michael, 

    Mentoring, Teaching, and Training the Next Generation of Law Librarians:  Past and Present as Prologue to the Future, 106 Law Libr. J. 69 (2014).