Group shot of international students

Students from many countries in the JD for Non-U.S. Lawyers Program, which allows them to sit for the bar exam in American jurisdictions. In this program, students are given significant credit for previous law study.

JD for International Students

"I became part of Arizona Law very quickly, and I felt very welcome. Even though we had different backgrounds, we were one community."

- Andy Hall, JD, Class of 2014

Qualified international students who have studied law outside the U.S. are eligible to enter the traditional JD program. As an entering JD student, you take the same introductory courses as first-year students, so that your understanding of basic concepts is strong. This will assist you in more advanced courses and when you sit for a bar examination in a US jurisdiction.

All members of the JD class receive the same degree and diploma. Your prior law study, however, means that you can earn your JD in a shorter amount of time. Arizona Law gives students up to 29 transfer credits for their non-US legal studies, allowing you to earn a JD in as little as two years - or in only 1.5 years with. an LLM from an ABA-accredited law school and meet other admission requirements.