Law School Transfer

Transferring to Arizona Law

Law school is a significant investment of money, time, and energy. It can mean short-term sacrifices for long-term gain, often with compromise from loved ones.

For all of these reasons, it’s vital you find the law school best for you in terms of opportunities, value, culture, and location. If you’re open to new opportunities, law school transfer may be the right path for your education.

Why Consider a Law School Transfer

Students transfer for various reasons. Your current school may not have been your first choice. Your interests or circumstances may have changed, or you may find that you want a school that more closely fits your interests, your goals, or your personality.

Often students face these questions in the spring, as 1Ls  look back on their first-year experience, and each fall we welcome a select group of highly-qualified transfer admits.

Requirements for transfer are simple, and for transfer 2Ls in the JD program, status is identical to that of returning 2Ls.

Why Choose Arizona Law

If you’re thinking about a law school transfer, consider some of many factors that elevate us as a transfer standout — and contact us whenever you’re ready to learn more.

We’re also happy to put you in touch with faculty and students. As a school with some 7,000 alumni, we can also connect you with graduates in your area, including nearly 600 alumni in California. You may discover that Arizona Law is the school you were looking for all along.

Diverse Educational Opportunities

As a diverse community, we know there are diverse paths to fulfilling careers. Our goal isn’t to fit you into a mold but to help you create one all your own.

Many students are attracted to the range of programs at Arizona Law as well as our position within the University of Arizona. As a small law school at a top research university, we make it possible for law school transfer students to enhance their degrees with studies in business, engineering, medicine, science, and more. 

Small Program with Close Relationships

Through selective admissions, we target balancing our student body at about 480, with roughly 150 students per JD class, plus a small number of graduate students (LLM and SJD) in areas of special institutional expertise. This allows us to maintain a faculty-student ratio of just over 10 to one.

We offer students considering law school transfer the chance to become part of a close-knit community of professors and peers. It’s a distinguishing characteristic of Arizona Law that people simply feel at home here.

Superior Bar Preparation

Not only do we have a great track record for bar success, we offer two advantages that together make us unique among law schools today:

  • Lawyers who pass the bar in Arizona can practice in 14 Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) states, including Colorado, Washington, and Minnesota;
  • A new experimental rule passed by the Arizona Supreme Court allows 3Ls to take their bar exam of choice from anywhere in the country in February for a head start on careers.

Strength in Areas of Need & Relevance

We’re recognized for excellence in areas of law that need great lawyers and legal experts — timeless specialties as well as niches of emerging relevance:

Business law and entrepreneurship Intellectual property law
Criminal law International trade and business law
Environmental law Law and data
Human rights law Natural resources law
Immigration law Trial advocacy and civil justice
Indian law Water law
Indiginous peoples law  

At the same time, Arizona Law continues to develop programs that prepare students as lawyers engaged in an international practice, whether that be consulting for companies with a global presence or representing organizations working for change around the world.

Value & Affordability

Cost may not be your top factor when deciding whether or not to transfer to another law school, but value always matters. Arizona Law delivers world-class faculty at a highly competitive cost.

Already among the most affordable of the country’s top law schools, we recently became the first major law school to lower tuition in recognition of challenges that today’s students and tomorrow’s lawyers face.

Our new tuition rates make Arizona Law a high-value proposition, especially since most Arizona Law students qualify for resident tuition in one year.

Our reduced tuition combined with Tucson’s affordable cost of living adds up to significant savings for law school transfer students.

Strong Career Preparation

Our outstanding numbers for post-graduate externships and employment prove our success at career development.  About 20 percent of our graduates — more than double the national average — serve in judicial clerkships.

Law school transfer students also benefit from our clinics: experiential learning opportunities that include a wide array of externships, all aimed at helping students solidly explore and prepare for meaningful careers.

Unbeatable Location

Tucson, Arizona offers a great place to learn and live. For many law school transfer students, our size — 526,000 in city limits, 1,000,000+ in the greater metro area — strikes the best balance between big city and small town.

Warm weather, a rich arts scene, desert beauty, and the fun of being an Arizona Wildcat can feel like entering a new world, but Tucson’s international airport ensures home or anywhere else is never out of reach.