Former U.S. Senator Mark Udall

Former U.S. Senator Mark Udall delivered the 2015 Isaac Marks Memorial Lecture.

Lectures & Speaker Series

Special speakers, seminars, workshops and other presenations enrich your Arizona Law education. Every year, we hold dozens of events that contribute to the development of your intellectual life, including these signature lectures:

The Civil Justice Initiative Annual Lecture

The Civil Justice Initiative leverages Arizona Law's deep curricular strengths to create a comprehensive approach to improving the American civil justice system. Speakers at this lecture series are highly accomplished advocates who offer their valuable perspectives on the practice of law.

The Isaac Marks Memorial Lecture

Established in 1979, The Marks Memorial Lectures enrich the curriculum and the community by featuring speakers from law, jurisprudence, and public policy. .

The College of Law is grateful to the late Judge Jack Marks and his wife, Selma Skora Paul, a 1956 graduate, for their generous support in endowing the lecture series in memory of his father, Isaac Marks.

The McCormick Lectures

The J. Byron McCormick Society for Law and Public Affairs was formed to honor the memory of J. Byron McCormick who served the State of Arizona with great distinction as President of the University of Arizona, as Dean of the University's College of Law, and as an advisor to the Arizona Board of Regents

The McCormick Lectures continue to draw distinguished speakers of national and international reputation, from disciplines including international human rights, journalism, public policy, business, and the nonprofit sector.

The Mundheim Speaker Series

In this annual six-part series, Professor Bob Mundheim moderates informal conversations with national leaders in business and law, relating their experiences in - and perspectives about - corporate governance, markets, ethics, and career development.

Rehnquist Center Programs and Speakers

Rehnquist Center programs encourage public understanding about the judicial branch of government and the role of the courts. In addition to a popular Constitution Day program, the Center sponsors annual judicial visits from The Arizona Supreme Court and the Arizona Court of Appeals, as well as individual judges and officials, including Justices of the Uniteed States Supreme Court.

The Soll Lectures

Friends and colleagues of the late Darrow Soll established an annual lecture as a memorial to his life’s work by creating an endowment at the James E. Rogers College of Law. Through the efforts of Jennifer Simmon Woods and other generous donors, Arizona Law students and members of the larger community benefit from the perspectives of practitioners, scholars, and other distinguished speakers on a variety of criminal justice topics.