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Students in all Arizona Law programs benefit from intensive support and skills training.

MLS Degree

Arizona Law's Master of Legal Studies (MLS) is a one-year degree program pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. The MLS is designed to enhance the effectiveness of a broad spectrum of professionals whose work involves regulations, negotiations, or working with lawyers or legal issues. If you find yourself needing a better foundation for working with and understanding laws and regulations, or wish to improve your career prospects by obtaining legal and critical thinking skills, the MLS may be an option for you.

The MLS Program allows professionals to:

  • Gain both general and specialized knowledge of the U.S. legal system specific to their areas of interest;
  • Learn the process of legal analysis by examining cases, laws, and regulations related to their specific interests;
  • Further their ability to think and communicate critically about legal issues that affect a broad spectrum of career fields;
  • Gain familiarity with contemporary legal issues facing the U.S. and the world;
  • Learn the practical and theoretical implications of the law and legal process as it affects their area of interest;
  • Conduct legal and interdisciplinary research relevant to their area of interest;
  • Develop skills to communicate in writing and orally about such issues; and
  • Think critically about solutions to issues in a variety of fields that take into account legal and interdisciplinary factors.

Learn more about the MLS degree, including developed specializations. We can also work with you to create your own concentration, drawing from a range courses offered by Arizona Law and other colleges throughout the University.

For additional information, contact:
Najwa Nabti
Director, Master of Legal Studies Program
(520) 626-8373