Students meet and network with a wide range of attorneys and jurists early in their law school experience. Here, students talk about their time at Arizona Law at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon.

The New Legal Profession

Lawyers are the central players in providing legal advice and legal services. But in recent decades the practice of law has changed as new institutions, methods, and technologies allow legal services to be delivered faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. Change has even made some forms of legal services uncessary, and has profoundly changed other aspects of law.

Still, the cost of legal services is beyond what many can afford, and there is urgent, unmet demand in emerging areas of law.

So while the popular image of lawyers in the courtroom has elements of truth, it is just a part of the expanding professional universe of law.

Arizona Law educates lawyers and non-lawyers for the new legal profession, recognizing:

  • the need for global competency and an understanding of how law works across borders, between nations, and among cultures. Our Arizona Law Global Initiative focuses on helping you develop these skills, with international partnerships that allow you to study outside of the US, and to expand your horizons as part of a global student body.
  • both the challenges and promises of advancing technology, understanding of its importance in the practice of law.
  • that the economics of legal practice have changed, resulting in new kinds of clients, information, and expectations about legal services. This will change the way that lawyers and their employers organize their work, and increase employment opportunities for limited legal service providers who do not have the same training as full-spectrum lawyers.