Prof. Robertson's Research Published in New England Journal of Medicine

Sept. 19, 2012

Prof. Robertson is a principal investigator in a new study on the credibility of clinical trials. The research team’s study, A Randomized Study of How Physicians Interpret Research Funding Disclosures, was published yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The research team presented abstracts describing hypothetical clinical trials of three fictional, but potentially useful, new drugs to a national sample of board-certified internal medicine physicians. Each abstract was randomized to demonstrate high, medium, or low methodological rigor and randomized to report one of three disclosure variables:  funding from a pharmaceutical company; funding by the National Institutes of Health (NIH); or no disclosure listed. The investigators then assessed physicians’ impressions of the trials’ rigor, their confidence in the results, and their willingness to prescribe the drugs. Prof. Robertson commented that “this research suggests the need for additional funding for NIH research, or perhaps regulatory changes that would improve the credibility of industry-funded research, so that we can continue to translate cutting edge science into improved medical practice.” Read the article here.