A Message from Dean Marc Miller: Safety First: Coronavirus COL Response

March 12, 2020

Dear Law School Community,

We have heard from many people with questions and concerns about how we are responding to the coronavirus. 

There is a special COL page with helpful and current information coronavirus response information for you: https://law.arizona.edu/coronavirus-response-information.  There is also UA guidance linked from our home page, and the university home page.  See https://www.arizona.edu/coronavirus-covid-19-information.  Both of these pages will be updated on an ongoing basis.

As you should have seen in the message from President Robbins to the entire UofA community, all UofA classes will be delayed until Wednesday, March 18, and all classes that can go online will go online.

We have been preparing for this possibility, and have the ability to support all COL classes online.  We will follow up with detailed information.  In general, classes will be delivered synchronously, using Zoom, and recorded for those who are unable to participate at the normal class time.

The entire focus of our efforts is responding in a way that protects all our communities.  That will include delaying or digitizing many events and meetings, and all large gatherings, and being attentive to social distancing in person.   

We have also changed and enhanced cleaning practices for frequently touched surfaces.  

We will provide additional updates shortly on classes and the many other questions this challenge raises.  A partial list includes the impact on clinics, externships, safe interactions at the COL, travel, staff safety and work at a distance, potential impact on graduation, and the myriad ways to support each other and our community.  Should you wish not to return to campus or to Tucson following spring break, you will be able to continue your coursework remotely during this time.

For now, here are the principles that guide our deliberations: 

  • First, the health of our community.  This includes every student, staff and faculty member.  We take note of the intricate family, friend, economic and social networks in which we all function.  Our view of community includes members of the UofA and Tucson and Arizona community, and beyond.
  • Second, as long as (1) can be achieved, we will support the progress of each student in classes and degrees, and continue to provide as rich, supportive and engaged an experience as possible. 
  • Third:  see (1) and (2).  There is no 3.

I have one request.  If you have not done so already, I encourage you (along with family and friends) to sign up for the UAlert emergency notification system.  In an emergency, this is the University’s most efficient and timely method to communicate with our University community.  To sign up for UAlert, go to alerts.arizona.edu and follow the prompts.  

For now:  stay safe.  And stay tuned.  

Together, we will navigate this unique and serious challenge.