Class of 2023: MLS Grad Pursues Interest in International Trade, Business Law with Trusty Law-brador By Her Side

May 4, 2023

“I took away transferable skills that I can use every day because of the deeper understanding, appreciation and foundation of the law and the regulations which I received from this program.”

Name:  Erin Goodrich 
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA  
Degree: MLS  
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University  
Awards, Student Groups, Clinics, Journals, etc.: Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM) through  National Contract Management Association 

What initially inspired you to pursue an MLS degree, and has that changed over the course of your studies? I pursued the MLS degree because I wanted to enhance my understanding of business and international law. The MLS program afforded me an opportunity to pursue my legal interest while concurrently continuing my full-time career aspirations. 

Why did you choose the University of Arizona? The online program allowed for the right amount of flexibility for me to self-pace through the week which suited my work-student-life balance.  I could also peruse the program in the comfort of my own environment, which usually meant being at home with my dog right by my side. Her nickname is now “The Law-brador.” I was also drawn to the concentration offerings which allowed me to tailor my MLS experience to what interested me most, which was international trade and business law.  

Why would you recommend the MLS degree? The MLS program got me outside of my comfort zone. I experienced a lot of self-growth through the program with learning new subject matter, interacting with students and faculty and broadening my overall network. I took away transferable skills that I can use every day because of the deeper understanding, appreciation and foundation of the law and the regulations which I received from this program.  

What will you miss most about your time at University of Arizona Law? I will miss learning a new topic every 7.5 weeks. I also will miss the ice breakers at the start of every class and getting to know the other students. It’s amazing the diverse backgrounds of those also going through the program.  

What was your favorite program experience or extracurricular activity, and why? My favorite experience within the program was legal writing. The skills learned in this class are transferable across so many industries. To be able to concisely communicate through the right written words is a skill which takes practice and is even more important through the uptick in virtual interactions today. 

What are you most proud of while at University of Arizona Law? I am most proud of putting myself out-there and getting involved in this program to begin with. Initially I was nervous since I had been out of school for over a decade and also have a full-time career. However, my nervousness quickly subsided with the quick learning curve of the onboarding process and finding comfort knowing others in the program are going through a similar experience too. 

Are there any particular issues or causes within the legal system that you are passionate about or want to address in your career? I am passionate about defense acquisition policy and international law and I look forward to applying what I have learned through this program to industry.  

Looking back on your MLS experience, what would you have done differently or what advice would you give to your younger self? Advice I would have given my younger self- why didn’t I do this program sooner?  

Message for your fellow Class of 2023: Let your future define you, not your past!