Our Faculty


See What True Mentorship Looks Like

Ultimately, law school teaches you not just to practice law but to become a better thinker — to analyze and understand things in a way beyond many other people. It's a skill that takes coaching to develop, which is why a law school's faculty make all the difference in your education.

By the numbers, it's clear that Arizona Law's full-time faculty have much to offer: 23 hold chairs or professorships; 14 have been elected to the prestigious American Law Institute; three have been named Regents’ Professors, the most distinguished faculty level at the UA.

But just as importantly, our scholars are nationally known for their work. Many literally "wrote the book" in their fields, and their insights and research reach far beyond the classroom, ensuring your education stays current and relevant as you also master time-honored fundamentals.

Complementing the teaching of our full-time faculty, several dozen part-time faculty, including distinguished practitioners, instruct skills classes and teach in highly specialized areas of law.

With an 10-to-1 student/faculty ratio, Arizona Law also allows faculty to be true mentors — to work with you outside of class, collaborate on projects, and help you fully understand educational opportunities and career paths. Again and again, our students cite the accessibility of faculty as one of Arizona Law's best features and their relationships with faculty as among their best experiences here.

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