Our Students

Diverse, Mature, Engaged

In today’s rapidly changing world, there are few things we can predict with certainty, but one is this: work environments — whether in private firms, federal courts or international NGOs — will become more and more diverse. Studying law in a program that is, itself, diverse will make you a better lawyer and better prepare you for professional success.

Arizona Law Student Body Demographics

Twenty percent of our most recent JD entering class are students of color. Thirty-six percent are women.

Nine percent of those students came to Arizona Law with a graduate degree. Roughly 40 percent brought work experience. Many students had just completed their undergraduate degrees, and all together, they represented 50 undergraduate institutions.

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Our growing Advanced JD program for foreign lawyers brings accomplished students with diverse perspectives to our community, giving you a broader experience of law across the globe, as well as the chance to make friends and enduring international connections.

Beyond the Numbers: A Passion for Progress

While these facts are important for understanding the composition of the student body at Arizona Law, they don’t reveal something else just as important: the qualitative differences — maturity and engagement — that set students at Arizona Law apart.

You don’t find Arizona Law students on the sidelines. You don’t find them waiting for someone else to take the reins. You will find at the center — of heated debate, bold ideas, and meaningful action.

Our students bring a wide range of work and life experience to Arizona Law. Many are returning to school after a successful career. Many are combining their law studies with other fields and taking advantage of the amazing array of academics at the University of Arizona. They embody a spectrum of religious beliefs and cultural heritage, but one thing they have in common is a passion for progress.

For our students, a law degree is a tool for making a difference — in a community, a corporation or a courtroom — so it’s no surprise that they have strong opinions and want to share their ideas as much as they want to hear ideas from others.

That level of engagement, concentrated in a small program with a high faculty-to-student ratio, means a student body where you’ll be challenged not just academically, but also personally, and rewarded with not just a degree, but also a close, supportive cohort of lifelong friends.