Visiting Professor, Spring 2017
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Rm 223

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Roman Hoyos is primarily interested in the relationships between law, democracy, and the state in American history. Originally interested in 20th-century American cultural history, law school made him realize that he was a legal historian, and that the 19th century was where the most interesting questions involving law’s relationship to democracy were to be explored. He would go on to receive his Ph.D. in American History from the University of Chicago, focusing on 19th century legal history.

Professor Hoyos taught at Duke University Law School as a Visiting Assistant Professor from 2008-2010. At Southwestern, Professor Hoyos teaches in the areas of property and government. As a teacher, he enjoys witnessing "The 'Aha! Moment' - that moment when you see a student truly grasp the material for the first time, and then apply it in some unexpected way." He strives to ensure that his students "understand that law is an instrument of power that should be deployed carefully and thoughtfully, and so to approach the legal questions they'll face with a certain sense of humility."