Study Abroad Requirements and Application

Requirements and Overview
If you are interested in Studying Abroad you must be in your second or third year of law school. You must be in good standing and have a 2.75 GPA at the time of application.
You may earn up to 29 total credits toward your JD degree for study abroad approved courses. You must earn a minimum grade of a C or its equivalent in any approved course at the foreign institution for the credits to be counted toward your JD degree. All credits earned through study abroad programs will transfer in as Pass/Fail credits.
While studying abroad you will have access to all student services including access to the library.
You must contact one of your Law Study Abroad Advisors as soon as possible and no later than February 1 to discuss your interests and objectives for joining a study abroad program.
There are multiple deadlines that you need to mindful of. All deadlines are for studying abroad the following fall and/or spring semesters:

Application Process

  1. Complete the Arizona Law Initial Application
  2. Meet with the law school’s financial aid Director to review your financial aid and complete all required forms.
  3. Meet with the law school’s registrar for a degree-audit to review that you are on track with all graduation requirements.
  4. Receive a nomination letter from your Arizona Law Study Abroad Advisor.
  5. Complete the UA Global Initiatives Application process which includes:
    • Creating a Profile
    • Attending a study abroad information session
    • Completing the Program Specific Application ($80 fee)
    • Meeting with the Global Initiatives Study Abroad Coordinator
  6. Select your courses and complete the course approval form as well as the consortium agreement form for financial aid purposes.
  7. Submit to Arizona Law Study Abroad Advisor all foreign institution specific requirements. These typically include: official transcripts, your resume, two passport size photos, and the course approval form 

Next Steps

Once you receive an offer letter from the foreign institution, you should:

  • Apply for housing.
  • Make sure you meet all insurance requirements.
  • If you have financial aid, make sure your paperwork is complete and approved.
  • Connect with the foreign institution’s point of contact.
  • Check in with your Arizona Law Study Abroad Advisor with any questions.