Team i4J

Message to UA Law Students, Faculty, Staff & Alumni:

Hello Arizona Law! If you're searching for ways to contribute your expertise to problem-solving during (and beyond) the COVID-19 outbreak, the Innovation for Justice Program wants to connect with you! 

We are a social justice innovation lab that designs, builds and tests disruptive solutions to the justice gap. As one of ten legal innovation labs in the country, we are starting to hear from courts and legal service providers from across the U.S. who want our help. Our legal systems are grappling with the sudden and unexpected fact that they need to operate remotely and online: court forms and processes need to be automated, low-income community members need remote assistance, and creative thinkers and doers are in high demand. So we're forming Team i4J for students, faculty and staff who want to contribute their time and talent now and in the months to come. 

Join the Team i4J workspace hereIf you're new to Slack, learn the basics here. As we hear about opportunities for you to volunteer, or as we receive requests for assistance with special projects, we'll post them in Slack.

Diverse skill sets welcome! We see a need for legal research and policy advocacy, document automation, help with collaborative tech onboarding, grab and go legal information for community members, community engagement assistance, design help, surveying / interviewing, and more! So share this invite with your network - students, faculty and staff from other disciplines who care about justice are welcome.

Join the Team i4J workspace on Slack

Message to the Community:

The Innovation for Justice Program is an interdisciplinary social justice innovation lab housed at the University of Arizona James E Rogers College of Law. We design, build and test disruptive solutions to the justice gap. i4J is one of ten legal innovation labs in the country, and is unique in its focus on access to justice.  In just the past few weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has put increased pressures and limitations on court systems and legal service providers, and i4J has begun to receive requests for help from community organizations, legal aid offices and courts across the country who need rapid innovation assistance. In response, i4J has quickly established "Team i4J," a Slack workspace to bring together students, faculty, staff and alumni willing to donate their time and expertise. i4J students are assisting in the build-out of Team i4J to train volunteers on the collaborative tech i4J students already use, assist in project identification and triage, map project management timelines for teams, and lead teams in quickly generating tools and resources for the community. 

If you are an organization interfacing with the civil legal needs of our low-income community, Team i4J can: find fast answers to urgent questions about the legal implications of COVID-19; provide some work muscle if you have a list of tasks that just need to get done; help you with quick design sprints to identify creative solutions to urgent issues; provide advice and strategy about how to engage the community in changes you are considering; work with you on systems mapping to identify opportunities for creative solutions; help you onboard collaborative technology and use it effectively; or simply listen to what you are experiencing and make suggestions based on other innovations we've seen. To submit a request to Team i4J, use this form.

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