Trade, Business & Innovation


Law at the Heart of Human Endeavor

“Business” today is more than balance sheets and bottom lines. With the proliferation of international trade agreements, trade can carry dimensions of politics and diplomacy. With corporations awakening to larger responsibilities, business can be a tool for environmental protection or social change. And with today’s ever-accelerating pace of discovery, commercial law is a vital companion to innovation and technology advancement.

In short, now more than ever, business intersects the most dynamic areas of human endeavor, and for students seeking careers at those intersections, Arizona Law offers a leading curriculum enhanced by opportunities you’ll find at no other law program.

Business Law Program

Our core program prepares students for working in any business context with coursework in finance and economics combined with studies in corporate law, commercial law, tax law, antitrust law, and intellectual property law.

With a goal of integrating breadth and depth, the program includes foundational studies on organizations, bankruptcy, IP, securities regulation, and corporate law, as well as focused studies in either litigation or transactional practice.

Either focus can be combined with specialty sequences that include topics as distinctive as real estate; environmental law and policy; or indigenous peoples law and public policy.

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International Trade & Business Law Program


Business across international lines is conducted through a complex system of overlapping agreements and regulations as well as a swiftly evolving body of case law. This program prepares students to navigate those systems with a thorough understanding of international trade, commercial and investment law.

Many students complete the theses required by the International Trade & Business Law Program in collaboration with the National Law Center, and many of the programs students take advantage of Arizona Law’s exchange program for a semester of study in Canada, France, Mexico, or Puerto Rico.

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The Business/Law Exchange (BLX)

The Business/Law Exchange is conducted in collaboration with the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the UA’s Eller College of Management — the first named university entrepreneurship center in the country and one consistently ranked among the nation’s best.

At the core of the program, Arizona Law students form mock law firms assigned to individual teams of doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students as they develop a venture over the course of a year, from concept through conceptualization, validation, business plan development, and, for many teams, funding and launch.

While many schools have a law clinic model in which business students can seek information on an ad hoc basis, the Business/Law Exchange integrates innovation and law in a true firm-client relationship from start to finish, giving Arizona Law students the closest parallel to real-world work in the fast-moving field of venture development.

Additionally, Arizona Law students in the Business/Law Exchange have the opportunity to work with live intellectual property and venture development at the UA’s Innovation Law Lab, where students again work in mock law firms assigned to active, launched ventures at the Arizona Center for Innovation under the guidance of a private, professional lawyer.

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