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UA IP Conference 2018

What is My Intellectual Property Worth:
Issues that Make a Difference Inside and Outside the Courtroom

We have exceptional topics that make a difference, including:

  • Strategies for Presenting an IP Damages Case
  • Strategies for Early Damages Preparedness and Settlement
  • Post-trial Remedies
  • Judges Panel - Damages in My Courtroom
  • Jury Consultant - Strategies for Making Damages Presentations to Juries
  •  Damages in Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secrets Cases
  • IP Damages Available Around the World
  • Valuing IP from the Eyes of
    •  A Start-up
    •  A Mature Company
    •  A Lender
    •  An IP Broker
    •  A Licensing Director
  • IP Monetization Life Cycle: A Mock Negotiation from Initial Offer, Litigation and Settlement

We have exceptional speakers, including:

    Hon. Leonard Stark (DDel)
    Hon. Matthew Kennelly (NDIL)
    Hon. Andrew Guilford (Central District of California Santa Ana, CA )
    Hon. John D. Love (EDTx)
    Hon. Susan van Keulen (Northern District of California San Jose, CA)
    Hon. Michael Manson (Fed. Court of Canada)
    Hon. James L. Robart (Western District of Washington Seattle, WA)

 Jury Consultant:
    Tara Trask (Trask Consulting)

 Damages Experts:
    James Nawrocki (IPFC)
    John Jarosz (Analysis Group)
    James Malackowski (Ocean Tomo)
    Brian Napper (FTTI)
    Mike Wagner (LitiNomics) 
    Todd Schoettelkotte (IPFC)
 Trial Counsel:
    Allan Sternstein (University of Arizona)
    Karen Weil (Knobbe Martens)
    Alan Heinrich (Irell & Manella)
    William Frankel (Brinks)
    Mark Finkelstein (Jones Day Irvine, CA)
    Timothy Sendek (Lathrop Gage)
    Derek Bambauer (University of Arizona)
    Felix Roediger (Bird & Bird, Ger.)
    Alejandro Luna (Olivares, Mex)
  Business and Investment Specialists:
    James Malackowski (Ocean Tomo)
    James Nawrocki (IPFC)
    Mike Sember (Desert Angels)
    Katharine Wolanyk (Burford Capital)
    David Allen (Tech Launch Arizona)
    Doug Hockstad (Tech Launch Arizona)
    Rob Tuttle (ON Semiconductor Phoenix, AZ)
Full brochure, including a detailed agenda, lodging information for the conference, and Tucson activities is available here.

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For questions about this conference, email Bernadette Wilkinson or phone her at (520) 626-1629.


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