What Our Students Say

Workers' Rights Clinic

"My time at the Workers' Rights Clinic has been the highlight of law school, and confirmed my feeling that law school should train us to bring the law to those in need. In my semester of work, I negotiated thousands of dollars worth of settlement. My clients were incredibly grateful, and struggled to believe that our representation was free. They'd never before been protected by the law, and didn't think they could be. My competence expanded, and for the first time I felt like a lawyer."       

-Aaron Baumann, Class of 2016

"I highly recommend the Workers’ Rights Clinic for a comprehensive experience in employment law. Through the clinic, I really began to comprehend how local agencies work, how legal theories apply in practice, and how truly serving a client is more complex than just knowing the law. The clinic was certainly a lot of work, but what you get out of it is by far more than any traditional class could offer!"

-Livia Thevenard, Class of 2015
“My experience working in the clinic was invaluable and hands down the most enjoyable thing that I've done in law school. It gave me a base knowledge about client interaction, interviewing, drafting demand letters, and negotiating. The client interaction was my favorite part; there is nothing like being an advocate for people who either don't understand their rights in the workplace or who are too scared to speak up against mistreatment. Using the law to give them a voice is an incredible thing that I will never forget.”
-Jamie Watkins, Class of 2013
“I feel extremely lucky that the Workers’ Rights Clinic was part of my law school experience. I learned how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a case and incorporate them into negotiations with an employer—something I had never done before. It was also eye-opening to hear first-hand about the challenges many in the Tucson community face. Finally, the clinic taught me about employment law; I had never considered working in this area before, but now I really like it!”
-Emily Arnold, Class of 2014
The Workers’ Rights Clinic changed my whole law school experience. I learned how to interview clients, perform legal research, and interact with opposing parties. One of my favorite parts was the community outreach component. These presentations were so valuable, not only because most people do not know what their rights are, but also because it let a vulnerable group know that there are services available to them. The clinic has something to offer to all students, and it will be one of your most memorable law school experiences!”
-Jillian Marini, Class of 2014
“The Workers’ Rights Clinic is an excellent way to work with multiple clients and to engage in policy work directed towards labor and employment law reforms. Thanks to the clinic, I have a legal interest that was previously unidentified.”
-Stephen Steele, Class of 2015