Frequently asked questions will be posted to this page once they have been submitted and responded to.

A: The problem author is Professor Melissa Tatum.

A: Team numbers and sides will be announced after registration closes on December 15. Teams will receive emails with info on which side your team will represent in writing the brief. The email will be sent the week after December 15.

A: Yes, as long as the substantive problem and the specific substantive areas of law associated with the problem are not discussed.

A: The side assigned in the email with your team number. Brief sides are NOT determined by even/odd numbers as specified in the rules.

A: The questions presented should be answered based on the law as it currently stands. Because the pending legislation has not been passed by Congress nor signed by the President, it is not current law.

A: Section 301 of the Tribal Code lists the qualifications for tribal judges.  Section 501 lists the requirements to be admitted to practice before the tribal court as an attorney or lay counselor. Section 602 lists the qualifications for tribal prosecutors.  The record below contains no facts or information about how these requirements relate to the requirements for public defenders listed in Section 607. The record below contains no facts or other information about the relationship between the background check listed in Section 607(b) and the "high moral character and integrity" requirement in 607(a).

A: The record below contains no facts or other information about who performs the background check, but it is a requirement imposed by the tribe in the tribal code.