Study Abroad and International Dual Degrees

Study Abroad and International Dual Degrees

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Find the UA Global Initiatives Study Abroad Coordinator for the country you are interested in visiting.

University of Arizona Law has a rich history of global engagement and leverages its interests and partnerships to provide unique study abroad opportunities for JD students.

Study abroad opportunities are available only for second- and third-year JD students. You must be in good standing and have a minimum GPA of 3.00 at the time of application.

Interested students should consult with the Assistant Dean of Global Programs to learn more about the different opportunities. Students should then consult with the Law Registrar, and staff in the Career Development Office and Financial Aid Office who will provide guidance on credit transfers, implications of timing on externship opportunities, and funding, respectively.

With most programs, students continue to pay their usual tuition to UA which makes spending time abroad more manageable. With appropriate planning and advising, you can spend a semester abroad and still graduate within three years.

You may earn up to 29 total credits toward your JD degree for study abroad approved courses. You must earn a minimum grade of C or its equivalent in any approved courses at the foreign institution for the credits to be counted toward your JD degree. All credits earned through study abroad programs will transfer in as Pass/Fail credits and will not be included in your cumulative GPA.

Although study abroad credits won't be applied towards the required 37 graded credits for your JD degree, the number of graded credits needed will decrease depending on the number of study abroad credits transferred. For more information, refer to the "Approved Foreign Study Units" chart in the Student Handbook on page 35.

Formal Exchange Programs

University of Arizona Law partners with exemplary law schools outside of the U.S. to facilitate students with opportunities to become a global lawyer with an understanding of different legal systems. We welcome students from our partner institutions into our classes in Tucson, and our partners welcome you to their classes abroad. Most exchanges are limited to one semester, but extending to two semesters can be possible.

Exchange program availability changes from semester to semester, so it’s best to check with the Global Programs office and the Law Registrar’s office if you’re interested in participating in a particular program.

University of Arizona Law is a member of the North American Consortium on Legal Education, a group of law schools from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico who work together to promote student and faculty mobility. As a student of University of Arizona Law, you can spend a semester at one of the member law schools, usually paying your standard UA tuition. Membership is subject to change, but current members include:

A unique study abroad program that offers you the option of a traditional study abroad experience for a semester or two; or, the option to study abroad for a semester right before graduation and stay for one semester of direct enrollment into Lyon 3’s LLM in International and European Business Law.
Most master-level courses are offered in English, and, if you speak French, you may enroll in other upper-level master courses.

University of Arizona Law delivers its BA in Law program at microcampuses outside the U.S., including locations in Cambodia, China, and Vietnam. Some of our partner universities teach graduate-level law courses that are appropriate for JD students.

Learn more about the BA in Law microcampus network

Is there another law school somewhere in the world where you want to study? Let us know! We can explore the options.

Your Study Abroad Advisor

Amanda Wolfe
Assistant Dean of Global Programs
Phone: 520-621-1285
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