LAW 689B - Administrative Law Research

Instructor: Sarah Gotschall
August 22 - October 12 Fall 2022
Section 101/201 1 units • Graded • Fully Online
This course will focus on administrative law research skills. These skills are important because so many areas of law in our modern economy are heavily regulated by agencies (tax, securities, environmental, health and welfare, to name only a few). There is no focus on one specific area of law; the idea is that once students understand administrative law research in general they can use their knowledge to quickly master research in their own areas of interest. By the end of the course, students will understand administrative law research and demonstrate mastery of strategies for finding the primary and secondary information necessary to answer legal questions and develop legal arguments. Toward that end, students will thoroughly examine agencies and their powers, state and federal regulatory processes, organization of administrative law materials, and a variety of online sources of administrative law. Students will learn to efficiently utilize a variety of free and commercial sources and employ a variety of search strategies to find regulations, enabling and authorizing statutes, administrative decisions, guidance documents, executive orders, cases, and secondary source information. In addition, students will learn different techniques for tracking regulatory developments and participating in the regulatory process.
Graduation Requirements: 
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