LAW 624B - Arizona Journal for Environmental Law & Policy

Instructor: Kirsten Engel ,
Room To Be Announced
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM August 16 - December 1 Fall 2021
Section 001 1-3 units • Pass/Fail • In-Person
The Arizona Journal for Environmental Law and Policy (AJELP) is a student-run journal supervised by the faculty at the College of Law. Students will perform tasks such as article selection, editing, and publication administration. For example, AJELP¿s Senior Managing Editor must coordinate the Journal¿s citation checking and general production, much like the Senior Managing Editors of the University¿s other student-run publications. Because AJELP publishes exclusively online, the Managing Board includes Online Editors who must maintain, design, and moderate its website. The Online Editors must also select, edit, and publishing online pieces such as article commentary and weblog posts. Online Editors perform work commensurate with that of Articles Editors from the College of Law¿s other student-run publications. The Managing Board also includes an Executive Editor, who will assist in editing the publication and provide the crucial administrative support necessary for a start-up student publication. The Executive Editor will also work with ALR and AJICL in creating and facilitating the write-on competition for first year students. AJELP¿s editorial staff will verify citations, format per Bluebook rules, edit submissions, and select articles for publication throughout the year. Published articles with a legal focus will not be subject to peer review, so citation verification and Bluebook formatting will be as critical and as time intensive as on the University¿s other student-run publications. In addition to assisting the other publications in grading the annual write-on competition, AJELP also requires each Editorial Staff member to submit a five hundred to one thousand word legal analysis on a contemporary environmental issue.
Graduation Requirements: 
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