LAW 513A - The Ethical Entrepreneur

August 23 - October 13 Fall 2021
Section 101/201 3 units • Graded • Online
Students undertake an ethical and economic assessment of the institutions that make up a marketplace. Acquire powerful ideas for discussing the daily news with students or colleagues, and equipping them with analytical skills for addressing ethical issues in their daily lives and in their future roles as citizens. General use of statistics, and perhaps more importantly, misleading with statistics is a topic covered. Sample topics that may be addressed include: why some societies grow rich while others remain poor; why some institutions lead to corruption, waste and mutual destruction; why other institutions steer human ingenuity toward inventing ways of making fellow citizens (one's customer base) better off; the boundaries of individual ethics within the marketplace; what one must do to succeed in a market society; and what one must do to deserve to succeed.
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