LAW 603A - Legal Research, Analysis & Communication I

Instructor: Susan Salmon
Law 137
Mo We 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM August 16 - December 1 Fall 2021
Section 003 3 units • Graded • In Person
Lawyers solve problems. This course will introduce you to a variety of the skills necessary to solve legal problems and to help you polish the necessary skills you already possess. The easiest way to become an excellent lawyer is to hone the attributes every solid professional writer possesses, including sound research skills, skeptical curiosity, a sense for organization and the telling detail, and, of course, impeccable writing skills. The focus this semester is on fundamental legal research skills and predictive written communication. In your legal career, employers, clients, colleagues, and other professionals will assess you in large part by the way that you reason through legal problems, use research strategies to identify sources of law that may help resolve those problems, and communicate your analysis. This course is designed to train lawyers who research thoroughly, reason soundly, and communicate that reasoning clearly, accurately, and ethically.
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