Criminal Law and Policy Concentration

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Master of Legal Studies

Learn about the Online MLS with a concentration in criminal law and policy

The MLS with a concentration in Criminal Law and Policy is designed to prepare professionals or aspiring professionals for careers in which knowledge of criminal law is essential or helpful, such police officers, policy makers, probation officers, social workers and psychologists dealing with individuals involved in the criminal justice system, and advocates for both victims and the criminally accused. Students in this program will graduate with solid foundational knowledge in criminal law and procedure and well as a deep understanding of the complex array of policy and social issues surrounding administration of a fair and effective criminal justice system.

Beyond this rich curriculum, MLS students benefit from the law school’s Program in Criminal Law and Policy (PCLP), featuring a weekly speaker series of prominent practitioners and academics addressing cutting-edge issues such as the use of polygraphs in criminal cases, victims’ rights, prosecuting elected officials, and collecting intelligence in terrorism cases.

* Indicates courses offered in person and/or online

Required Courses (18 UNITS)

  • LAW 502A* - American Common Law System I (3 units)
  • LAW 502B* - American Common Law System II (3 units)
  • LAW 504* - American Public Law System (3 units)
  • LAW 507* - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (3 units) 
  • LAW 558* - Criminal Law or LAW 650 - Criminal Law (3 units)
  • LAW 572* - Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Arrest or LAW 602 - Criminal Procedure (3 units)

Elective Courses (12 UNITS)*

Although not all courses are offered every semester, a list of possible electives can be found on the course schedules pages.

  • LAW 501* - Procedure
  • LAW 540A* - Introduction to Human Rights Law (3 units)
  • LAW 550A* - Native American Law and Policy
  • LAW 553* - Immigration Law (3 units)
  • LAW 556* - Family Law
  • LAW 568- Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure
  • LAW 607B - Investigations (2 units)
  • LAW 608* - Evidence (3 units)
  • LAW 627D - Federal Border Crimes (2 units)
  • LAW 656J - National Security Law and Litigation (1-2 units)
  • LAW 656P - Prosecution and Adjudication (2 units)
  • LAW 662C - Legal Ethics for Criminal Lawyers (2 units)
  • LAW 667A - Sentencing Law (2 units)
  • LAW 675 - Advanced Criminal Procedure (2-3 units)
  • LAW 676A* - Juvenile Law (3 units)
  • LAW 681B - Anatomy of a Criminal Case (2 units)