Your legal education will teach you to “think like a lawyer,” honing your analytical skills, developing better critical thinking, and acquiring the professional skills you need no matter where your education takes you. Arizona Law offers a range of degree programs to suit your individual needs.

Our core program is a three-year course of study towards the Juris Doctor degree (JD). Like at other law schools, much of the first-year curriculum is required. You’ll receive intensive and individualized support in small sections for core courses and in your research and skills classes. In your second and third years you can select from a wide range of courses, seminars, clinics, internships and externships. With careful planning, you may also pursue a dual degree and interdisciplinary study with the vast offerings of the University of Arizona. More than 90 percent of law classes have fewer than 25 students, making your classes highly interactive and your professors readily accessible.

If you are an international student with previous non-US law study, the advanced admissions JD for Non-U.S. Lawyers gives you the advantages of a strong foundational education. You will take first-year required courses in order to strengthen your understanding of basic concepts, and then work with advising staff to select a course of study reflecting your professional goals. You receive significant credit for your non-U.S. legal training.

Our Master of Laws (LLM) and Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) programs offer advanced training in Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy (IPLP), and International Trade and Business Law (ITBL). These programs require study beyond the JD level.

The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree can be pursued by students without previous law training, as well as lawyers. This one-year degree may be taken as a full- or part-time program that prepares you for employment in settings where a JD degree is not required. The MLS is an alternative to a JD for non-lawyers who work with legal issues and regulations in their professions, in the US and globally. Credits earned in this program are not transferrable to a JD degree.

If you are passionate about law or considering law school, Arizona Law offers a Bachelor’s degree in Law (B.A.) in partnership with the School of Government & Public Policy in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. As the only BA of its kind in the nation, you will learn from law faculty, have the opportunity to pursue legal internships, and network with law students and lawyer practitioners in your field of interest. The B.A. in Law accommodates double majors, and provides an accelerated path to Arizona Law for high-achieving law majors through the 3+3 Law BA/JD program.