Arizona Law's Diversity Committee hosts a student speaker series where international students discuss the law and culture of their home countries.


""At Arizona Law, students and professors brought their diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences to the learning environment. Discussions were lively and thoughtful, and professors encouraged our exploration of complex issues from different (sometimes wildly different!) perspectives. This abiding appreciation of diversity and complexity cultivates a dynamic law-school experience and equips Arizona graduates for successful practice in an ever-changing legal profession." - Caylin Barter, Class of 2013

At Arizona Law, we promote diversity of thought, background, experience, and culture – not only because it creates a better community, but because it builds better professionals.  Wherever your legal education takes you, open-mindedness, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and a broad foundation of cultural understanding are highly useful and valued. We know that educating students for a global workplace means reflecting the societies they will serve, and we strive to maintain an environment where diversity, in its broadest sense, is celebrated.

The Arizona Law Diversity Committee works with students and faculty to plan community-building events, to strengthen cultural understanding, and to sustain an environment where ideas can be discussed in a collegial and welcoming way.