At University of Arizona Law, we promote diversity of thought, background, experience and culture—not only because it creates a better community, but because it builds better professionals. Wherever your legal education takes you, open-mindedness, critical thinking, interpersonal skills and a broad foundation of cultural understanding are highly useful and valued. We know that educating students for a global workplace means reflecting the societies they will serve, and we strive to maintain an environment where diversity—in its broadest sense—is celebrated.

Diversity Committee

The Arizona Law Diversity Committee works with students and faculty to plan community-building events, to strengthen cultural understanding and to sustain an environment where ideas can be discussed in a collegial and welcoming way.

2019-2020 Diversity Committee Members

  • Faculty Chair: Shefali Milczarek-Desai, Assistant Clinical Professor; Immigrant Justice Clinic & Workers' Rights Clinic
  • Committee Member: Paul Bennett, Clinical Professor of Law; Director of the Child and Family Law Clinic; Director of Clinics
  • Committee Member: Ellie Bublick (fall), Dan B. Dobbs Professor of Law
  • Committee Member:Tessa Dysart, Assistant Director of Legal Writing & Associate Clinical Professor of Law
  • Committee Member:  James Hopkins, Associate Clinical Professor, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program; Affiliated Professor of American Indian Studies & Latin American Studies
  • Committee Member: Negar Katirai, Director, Domestic Violence Law Clinic; Associate Clinical Professor of Law
  • Committee Member: Jaime Valenzuela, Senior Library Specialist 
  • Student Committee Member: Dina Aoud (3L) 
  • Student Committee Member: Nate Goodman (2L)
  • Student Committee Member: Shanmei Lui (2L)

Diversity Committee Events

Fighting My Deportation: Perspectives from the Inside on Immigration Detention and Court Proceedings
On March 27, 2018, the Immigration Law Students' Association, in conjunction with the Diversity Committee, hosted an event titled, "Fighting My Deportation: Perspectives from the Inside on Immigration Detention and Court Proceedings." Individuals from the Florence Immigrants' Rights Project and Mariposas sin Fronteras shared their experiences as attorneys and advocates.

Ashley Daltrey, a 2L student representative serving on the Diversity Committee commented, "One thing that really struck me about this event was the sense of community—both in the work that Mariposas sin Fronteras does, but also in our own law school. A number of students spoke to [the advocate] in Spanish and it was so great to see our community—which is so diverse and rich—welcoming her into its midst with the act of speaking her language rather than relying on the interpreter. I was really proud of our students."

Imposter Syndrome Workshop
On March 28, 2018, the Diversity Committee hosted an Imposter Syndrome Workshop led by Dr. Mika Galilee-Belfer (a UA 1L) and Dr. Laura Hunter. This interactive workshop allowed attendees to reflect on their own ‘impostor moments’ and the impacts these have on psyches and career trajectories. Dr. Galilee-Belfer and Dr. Hunter's presentations concluded with strategies for overcoming unwelcome thoughts about not belonging.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter
The Diversity Committee promoted "Legal Futures: Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter," hosted by the Commission on Minorities. Law students and undergraduate students interested in the law were invited to interact with justices and judges. Attendees also learned about different pathways to the bench and what justice looks like from the bench. Students were welcomed by Chief Justice Scott Bales of the Arizona Supreme Court.