Examination Schedules

Exam Methods

Spring 2023 exams will be administered using one of the following methods. Your professor will communicate your exam method details and you will also receive exam instructions in advance via email from the Faculty Support office.

  • Remote Multiple Choice: The Quiz section in your D2L course site.
  • Remote Take Home Essays: You will download the question(s) from the Exam4 web site and upload your answer to the Exam4 website. No Exam4 software is involved in remote take home essay exams.
  • In-person Multiple Choice: Paper bubble sheets provided in the exam classroom.
  • In-person Essays: Exam4 software downloaded from the Exam4 web site.

Remote Exam Administration

Remote essay exams are administered through the University of Arizona College of Law Exam4 web site.

Remote multiple choice exams are administered in the Quiz section of your course D2L site.

Preparing for In-person Essay Exams

In-person essay exams are administered using Exam4 software. You will need to download and install Exam4 software for your in-person essay exams. Instructions follow.

Exam4 Software Pre-Requirements

  1. Do not upgrade to a new operating system (OS) without checking to see if Exam4 supports the new OS - https://www.exam4.com/support/
  2. Update your current operating system and make sure that you have rebooted your computer within a few days of your first exam.
  3. Take practice exams using the software to work out technical problems in advance. Law IT will not have time to help troubleshoot technical problems in the minutes before the exam start time. Taking a practice exam will also allow you to grow accustomed to the software interface and features before you take your exams.

Register and Download the Exam4 Software

Note: You will have to download the software up to two times per semester - once before midterms (if you have a midterm) and again just before final exams.

  • The Exam4 Spring midterm exam build will be available: 02/21/2023
  • The Exam4 Spring final exam build will be available: TBD

You can register and download your UA Law specific Exam4 software at no cost at https://www.exam4.com/org/590

Exam4 Software Exam Types

  • CLOSED = no access to applications or files on the hard drive/no internet access
  • OPEN + LAPTOP = access to applications and files on the hard drive/no internet access
  • OPEN + LAPTOP + NETWORK = access to applications and files on the hard drive and full internet access

Exam4 Software Practice Exams

It is highly recommended that you take as many practice exams as necessary in advance to help you feel comfortable using the software on your exam days. To take practice exams, simply launch the Exam4 software. The Practice Exam option appears on the second Exam4 screen under Course selection and it is listed near the top in the pulldown menu.

Exam4 Screenshot Documentation for in-person Exams (PDF)

Exam Numbers

Exam numbers are used for the purpose of anonymous grading. You receive two numbers for each semester - one for midterms and one for final exams. The Registrar will email all students before each set of exam numbers are available. If you have any questions or concerns about the exam or exam questions, do not speak to the professor. Please contact Faculty Support, the Dean of Students, or the Law Registrar’s office to preserve anonymity.

Find your exam number by logging in to the UAccess: Student Center >> Academic Record >> Academic Summary from drop down menu >> "Exam Number" link.

If you are a graduate student outside of the College of Law and have an upcoming midterm or final in a LAW class or a cross-listed LAW class, please email law-registrar@list.arizona.edu to request your exam numbers.

Examination Rules and Regulations

For exam rules and regulations consult the Student Handbook and the Honor Code.

Loaner Laptops and Other Technology

If you are concerned that your personal laptop may not be satisfactory on which to take an exam, the main campus library has technology, including laptops, that you can borrow for up to 21 days. See https://lib.arizona.edu/borrow/tech for more information. The Main Library has over 1,000 laptops for loan. Please plan in advance as these laptops are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Your Exam Support Team is here to support you. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any information.

  • Academic Affairs
    • Jason Kreag
    • Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar
    • Lynna Nguyen-King
  • Student Affairs/Accommodations
    • Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Willie Jordan-Curtis
  • Student Resources
    • Senior Director of Student Resources, Chris Gast
  • Information Technology
    • Michael Wagenheim
  • Faculty Support
    • Barb Vandervelde
    • Bert Skye

Take-Home Exam Support

Please contact the Faculty Support office (LAW-FacultySupport@email.arizona.edu) for Take-Home exam support.

Note: Take Home Exams are both downloaded and uploaded via the Exam4 website. You do not use the software itself for Take Home Exams.

In-person Exam Day Tech Support

Law IT staff will be available in the college lobby starting approximately 1/2 hour before the exam start times. Please arrive at your exam 1/2 hour before the exam start time. If the Law IT staff does not have time to help with technical problems in the minutes leading up to the exam start time, you might be asked to stay for the exam instructions and then leave with the IT proctor to another classroom to solve the technical problem. You will take your exam in another classroom. Law IT will also be available during the exams in the law lobby. Quietly head to the lobby with your computer for technical support if you experience any mid-exam problems.

D2L Exam Support

Please contact the Office of Instruction & Assessment (OIA) for D2L exam support.


Please contact Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Willie Jordan-Curtis for accommodations.

Sample Exams

Login to the student intranet to review available sample exams.

Last Updated: 2/17/2023