Examination Schedules

COVID Updates

During the semesters affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, a few of the normal finals procedures are different. Finals will not be administered in-person in the classrooms, but will instead be taken remotely as take-home finals. Finals will be available for a three-day window. The window is typically from one day before to one day after the originally scheduled date. You may take the exam at anytime in that three-day window, but once you begin the exam, you will have a limited amount of time to complete it (determined by the professor).

May Graduation Update

The University set graduation for the College of Law to be on the evening of Tuesday, May 11. Graduating 3Ls will be able to take advantage of the three-day window described above if they want to make sure that their final does not conflict with the graduation ceremony. However, this might cause additional challenges to your overall finals schedule. If this has created a hardship for you, please contact Dean Jordan-Curtis to set up an accommodation.

Exam Numbers

Exam numbers are used for the purpose of anonymous grading. They are issued twice per semester - once for midterms and once for final exams. The Registrar will email all students before each set of exam numbers are available.

Find your exam number by logging to the UAccess: Student Center >> Academic Record >> Academic Summary from drop down menu >> "Exam Number" link.

Examination Rules and Regulations

For exam rules and regulations consult the Student Handbook and the Honor Code.


Spring 2021 exams will be administered using D2L and/or the Exam4 web page to download and upload Take Home exams. You will not have a need to download the Exam4 software for Spring 2021 exams. Please take a moment to review the D2L and Exam4 Take Home exam instructions in the links below.


Your Exam Support Team is here to support you. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any information.

  • Jason Kreag
  • Willie Jordan-Curtis
  • Michael Brooks
  • Michael Wagenheim
  • Faculty Support
    • Barb Lopez
    • Bert Skye

Take-Home Exam Support

Please contact the Faculty Support office (LAW-FacultySupport@email.arizona.edu) for Take-Home exam support.

Note: Take Home Exams are both downloaded and uploaded via the Exam4 website. You do not use the software itself for Take Home Exams.

D2L Exam Support

Please contact the Office of Instruction & Assessment (OIA) for D2L exam support.


Please contact Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Willie Jordan-Curtis for accommodations.

Sample Exams

Login to the student intranet to review available sample exams.