Family & Juvenile Law Association

Family and juvenile law is a dynamic field that includes topics such as child custody and welfare, marriage and divorce, parent-child relations, alternative reproductive technology, adoption, juvenile justice, wills and estates, mediation, collaborative family law, and many more.

The goal of the Family and Juvenile Law Association (FJLA) is to cultivate a greater appreciation for the broad reach and complexity of modern family and juvenile law. Not only does FJLA encourage and assist the study and practice of law in these expanding areas, but we also promote open dialogue on contentious issues.

Through guest speakers, workshops, volunteer activities, and other events, FJLA hopes to familiarize students with family and juvenile law and provide them with opportunities to network within the community. As part of an exciting and passionate community, FJLA members will learn about the many complexities of these ever-growing and changing areas of law and—through completion of certain requirements—can earn a certificate in Family and Juvenile Law upon graduation.


We welcome all College of Law students interested in learning more about and becoming involved with Family and Juvenile Law issues.

Join the club and enjoy:

  • Monthly Speaker Series (free lunch!)
  • Access to a Network of Local Family Law Practitioners
  • Family Law Mentors
  • Community Volunteer Opportunities
  • Family Law Fridays: Local Court Visits
  • "Family Dinners" with Family Law Professors

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