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Our vision is that no student will be kept from an education because of cost.

Now more than ever, the world needs effective, ethical legal professionals. University of Arizona Law offers more options than any other institution to help students realize their dreams and create meaningful careers. By financially supporting Arizona Law, you help create an enduring impact for our students.

We keep our tuition lower than almost all other top-tier law schools, and two-thirds of students receive additional financial assistance. Our students tell us that financial support is one of the most important factors that influences their decision to attend Arizona Law.

By investing in the next generation of legal professionals, you can make a real difference in the careers and economic well-being of worthy students. 



  • Annual Arizona Law JD Tuition
    • Residents: $24,500
    • Non-residents: $29,000
  • 92% of current JD students have received a scholarship
  • We award more than $6 million in scholarships each year
  • The median amount awarded is $19,750, with scholarships ranging from $1,000 to full tuition
  • It would take $3.5 million to fully fund the tuition for one class for one year

For more information, contact Megan O’Leary, director of development, at 520-626-1330 or

“Thank you for helping me pursue my dream.”

Dayna Michael
Class of 2017
Veteran, mom, Nix Scholar