United Nations policy meeting

A meeting of the members of the UN Economic and Social Council. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré.

Human Rights Concentration

Master of Legal Studies

[Learn about the Online MLS with a concentration in human rights.]

Human rights advocates, policy-makers, law enforcement, military personnel, and socially responsible corporate actors are among those who would benefit from professional training in human rights law. Taught by experts in the field who actively work on cutting edge human rights advocacy and impact litigation, this concentration provides students with the legal foundation and tools to advocate against, or to avoid, human rights violations in a diverse range of contexts.


LAW 501 - Procedure (3 units)
LAW 502A - American Common Law System I (3 units)
LAW 502B - American Common Law System II (3 units)
LAW 504 - American Public Law System (3 units)
LAW 507 - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (3 units)
LAW 659 - International Human Rights (2-3 units)


LAW 551 - Introduction to Public International Law or LAW 670 Public International Law
LAW 553 - Introduction to Immigration Law and Policy
LAW 550 - Native American Law and Policy
LAW 569 - Native American Family and Domestic Relations Law
LAW 527 - International Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples
LAW 572A - Addressing Domestic Violence
LAW 603M - Global Climate Change and the Law
LAW 614 - Disability Law
LAW 615E - Freedom of Speech and Religion
LAW 631H - Critical Race Practice
LAW 631F - Law and Culture
LAW 631J - Making Change Happen
LAW 631L - Constitutions of Indigenous Nations
LAW 631M - Comparative Legal Systems and Their Role in Nation Building
LAW 641B - Poverty, Health and Law
LAW 643D - Native American Natural Resources
LAW 651 - Environmental Justice
LAW 656G - Comparative Law on Indigenous Peoples
LAW 673A - Justice, Law and Capitalism
LAW 695B - Gender and the Law
LAW 697D - International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop
LAW 696K - Refugee Law and Policy

[1] Although not all courses are offered every semester, a list of possible electives can be found on the course schedules pages.