Intellectual Property Concentration

Master of Legal Studies


Learn about the Online MLS with a concentration in intellectual property.

The MLS with a concentration in Intellectual Property is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to understand and work with legal issues under the broad umbrella of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
The concentration also provides a solid background in patent law and patent practice for those interested in becoming a patent agent. Intellectual property is part of any business, whether designing and manufacturing new products protected by patents or trade secrets, using logos and names protected by trademarks, or producing writings, performances or advertising protected by copyrights. Whether you work in a large or small business, intellectual property issues will arise, and this program will help you recognize those issues and understand how to address them. 

Students may also be eligible to participate in one of the dynamic student-led organizations active in this area, such as the Arizona Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw Society (AIPCS), and the Journal of Emerging Technology.

Required Core Courses (20 UNITS) 

  • LAW 501 - Procedure (3 units)
  • LAW 502A - American Common Law System I (3 units)
  • LAW 502B - American Common Law System II (3 units)
  • LAW 504 - American Public Law System (3 units)
  • LAW 507 - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (3 units) 
  • LAW 655R - Intellectual Property Law (2-3 units)
  • LAW 698i - IP Transactions (2 units)

Elective Course Requirements (10 UNITS)* 

First Level Electives

Complete two of the following listed courses:

  • LAW 655C - Patent Law
  • LAW 655B - Copyright Law
  • LAW 655A - Trademarks and Unfair Competition

Second Level Electives
Complete all remaining units for the necessary 30 units required for the MLS from the following listed courses (other than courses used to complete First Level Electives)

  • LAW 655C - Patent Law
  • LAW 655B - Copyright Law
  • LAW 655A - Trademarks and Unfair Competition
  • LAW 697Z - Patent Practice
  • LAW 697E - International Intellectual Property
  • LAW 618 - Antitrust Law
  • LAW 655V - Patent Litigation Fundamentals
  • LAW 696C - IP and Entrepreneurship Clinic
  • LAW 682 - Cyberlaw
  • LAW 696L - International Trade Law
*Although not all courses are offered every semester, a list of possible electives can be found on the course schedules pages.