IPLP Clinics and Experiential Learning

PYT TJ Clinic caption

Tribal Justice Clinic at Pascua Yaqui Tribe
Tribal Justice Clinic students meeting with Daniel Vega (far right) of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Department Of Language & Culture

The Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy (IPLP) Program offers students a wide variety of experiential and hands-on learning opportunities, which help prepare students for the practice of law. Experiential learning opportunities offered to students include IPLP faculty-led clinics and workshops, advocacy projects to advance Indigenous peoples' rights both domestically and internationally, and externship opportunities with tribal courts and justice departments, nonprofit advocacy organizations, and government agencies.

Tribal Justice Clinic

Students enrolled in IPLP's Tribal Justice Clinic provide legal assistance to tribes throughout the Southwest, North America, and the world. The clinic allows students to serve as tribal judicial clerks, write amicus briefs, develop legal strategies, and work beside criminal defenders and tribal prosecutors in courtroom settings. 

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International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop

Professor Seanna Howard leads the International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop, where students participate in cases and advocacy projects focusing on petitions and initiatives with substantial international human rights dimensions involving Indigenous peoples.

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Yaqui Human Rights Project

The Yaqui Human Rights Project offers students opportunities to experience theories in the practice of international environmental law in situations that require innovative approaches to important environmental, public health, and community development problems.

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United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Students at University of Arizona Law have the unparalleled opportunity to work on Indigenous human rights issues under the supervision of UN Special Rapporteur Calí Tzay. Seanna Howard, Director of the International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop, and her clinic students, provide assistance to Calí Tzay, working on a wide range of research and advocacy projects to support his UN mandate.

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Through close partnerships with tribes, IPLP students can gain valuable experience serving tribal communities in a variety of tribal courtroom and justice department settings.

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Tucson Indian Center Legal Referal Program

Students from the University of Arizona Law's Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) have partnered with the Tucson Indian Center (TIC) to provide legal education and referral services to TIC members. Over the years, NALSA students have provided hundreds of hours of needed legal referral services to Tucson’s urban Indian community.

Advocacy Projects

The faculty, staff, and students at IPLP have been partnering with Indigenous communities on advocacy, research, and technical assistance projects for over 30 years. The projects led by IPLP faculty are centered around student involvement and advancing the rights of Indigenous communities.

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